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PANEL - Getting onboard for enrollment

Day 1 - April 30


A key challenge to all identity systems is the initial enrollment of an individual. This is all the more complicated by digital enrollment, missing or incomplete documents and records, and high-quality forged documents. This session will address the risks involved and the evolving methods and technologies to mitigate them.

Session Chairman’s Introduction

Raj Janu, Product Management - Identity Verification, Document Authentication, IDEMIA, USA


KBA is dead! Mobile with Biometrics is the last line of defense
Jim Greenwell, CEO and President, Danal, USA

Recent breaches have made it easy for bad actors to pose as real users and gain access to enterprise systems. Traditional registration systems have depended on what is known by the user such as SSN, previous addresses, employers etc. These mechanisms lead to bad new accounts or account takeover frauds on existing accounts. Enterprises must turn towards more real-time methods of identity proofing their new customers.

Mobile combined with biometrics offers a powerful combination to help address that. New customers are on-boarded with identity-proofed accounts leveraging government-issued IDs, facial match, and authoritative mobile data. The solution uses a whole host of technologies such as image recognition, OCR, 3D facial scanning, mobile network based phone validation and corroboration against authoritative mobile data to offer a fully validated identity for a new customer.

Leveraging these capabilities enterprises can not only prevent bad actors, but also offer a seamless onboarding experience for their new customers.

•    Data breaches have significantly lowered the cost of procuring real identities for fraudsters;
•    Enterprises can no longer trust SSN, previous addresses, and other knowledge-based schemes;
•    Real-time signals, corroborated across multiple authoritative sources must be utilized to comprehensively establish identity of a new customer.


When secrets are no longer secret: Identity proofing in a post-data breach era
Blake Hall, CEO and Founder,, USA

The Equifax breach exposed the names, dates of birth, and social security numbers of 140 million Americans, compromising all services that relied on that information to protect high-value services online. Online identity fraud cost $16 billion in 2016 for consumers, and $50 billion a year for U.S. businesses. Government, financial institutions and health-care organizations have an imperative to put in place appropriate measures to prevent scalable customer data breaches.

Hear Blake Hall discuss how organizations can provide access to benefits and services securely and efficiently in the post-Equifax era, using possession-based identity proofing and NIST guidelines.

•    Role of static identifiers such as SSN for identity resolution vs. identity verification;
•    Imperative to move away from knowledge-based towards possession-based identity verification;
•    Navigating the tension between security and enabling access.


Biometric KYC experience
Vladimir Kostiviar, Business Consultant, Innovatrics, Slovakia


Mobile patient registration – Something we can all look forward to!
Catherine Schulten, VP Product, LifeMed ID, USA

The healtchare sector has only now begun to tackle issues around accurate patient identity. Learn how one vendor partnered with a 'who’s who' of identity service providers to create a sensible, real-time mobile approach to rapid patient ID proofing and authentication. The result is a workflow that allows the patient to pre-register prior to their appointment – providing proofed identity details and avoiding the hassle of filling out forms in the waiting room.

•    Intuitive, rapid patient enrollment, ID proofing and authentication PRIOR to visit;
•    Meets NIST 800-63 specifications for identity assurance/federated ID design;
•    'KYP' – Know Your Patient.

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