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Driver’s licenses – next steps


KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE 1  - Exhibition Hall
Day 2 - May 1



Policing and mobile driver's licenses: Redefining safety and identity in the digital age
Rob Mikell, Director of Business Development for Government Mobile Solutions, IDEMIA, USA

Imagine a world where traffic stops are safer for police officers, drivers, and passengers. Mobile driver's license (mDL) technology offers a gateway to this world, where police officers can conduct traffic stops, identify drivers and passengers, and run warrant checks while both parties remain in their vehicles. With secure transmission and real-time license updates, officers know exactly who they are dealing with and drivers know they are being approached by a real police officer and not an imposter.

This presentation begins with a description of mDL and is followed by a discussion of the ways in which mobile technology can protect the police during encounters with the public. The presentation will include demonstrations of mDL fundamentals, including:

•    Biometric enrollment, to link mDL with smartphone
•    Face recognition capabilities
•    Security features
•    Remote transmission of mDL data to sources such as in-car laptops
•    Overview of the Verify app

In addition to the fundamentals of mDL, the speaker will address common concerns about mDLs, and discuss universal standards established by AAMVA and ISO to ensure that mDLs are interoperable from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The presentation will conclude with a look at mDL pilots and products, and a discussion of legislation related to the mDL.

•    Hear how mobile technology provides law enforcement with the tools for accurately verifying the identity of citizens during a traffic stop, and for interacting safely with drivers and passengers;
•    Understand how the mobile driver’s license (mDL) incorporates mobile technology and biometrics to transform the driver’s licence into a trusted identity document;
•    Learn about the mDL pilots across the country, and the benefits of mDL to policing.


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