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Law enforcement: ID technology and policy


BLUE ROOM - Ballroom C
Day 2 - May 1



Locking-in criminal identity: An international policing perspective
Steve White, Foreign National Strategy Coordinator, UK Police, UK

The world is changing. In recent years United Nations statistics revealed that in excess of 232 million people now live outside of their country of origin; this equates to 3.2% of the global population. More people are on the move than at any time in human history and, due to this phenomenon, the business of public safety and state security is becoming more complex.

Although most people engaged in permanent or semi-permanent migration have genuine, innocent reasons for their transit, via both legal and illegal means, within any large demographic there invariably exists a criminal element; those who wish to abuse, exploit or otherwise do harm to those around them.

At the same time, international travel has never been easier, cheaper or faster, meaning that more people than ever also have the means to transit international boundaries rapidly. Collectively, this represents a complex set of challenges for defence, law enforcement and intelligence communities, to which integrated solutions across biometrics, identity assurance and operational training must be designed, developed and universally adopted. 

•    The challenges of locking-in criminal identity in a globalised world;
•    Real-world case studies and real-world implications;
•    Building success into future directions of travel.

Details coming soon
Details coming soon

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