Sessions » Self-sovereign ID: use cases and perspectives

Self-sovereign ID: use cases and perspectives


Day 2 - May 1

In an era where data breaches are becoming commonplace, and where awareness of personal privacy issues is increasingly rapidly, putting the consumer back in control of their own personal data is a concept that is seen as a potential game changer.

The emergence of blockchain-based and advanced mobile ID solutions is increasingly helping to create the possibility of self-sovereign ID systems that can be more secure, efficient and independent.

This session will look at how new decentralized digital and mobile identity ecosystems can operate both locally and on a large scale – and will explore how such identity architecture could become feasible in the short to medium term.


Paul Grassi, Partner and SVP of Cybersecurity, Easy Dynamics Corp., USA

State of the digital union: Advancing digital identity globally
Greg Wolfond, CEO, SecureKey, USA

SecureKey is bringing together leading organizations to launch a new digital identity ecosystem that will allow consumers to prove they are who they say they are, online, in person, or over the phone. This is achieved by leveraging existing trusted digital credentials that users have with financial institutions, credit unions, telcos and other reliable sources. The ecosystem ensures privacy, security and trust by leveraging a distributed architecture, and ensuring consumers are always in control and authorizing requests to access their personal information. Blockchain technology plays an important role in all of this, as it makes identity verification more efficient, while also making sensitive information much more secure.

Through the launch of this digital identity ecosystem, SecureKey aims to ensure that identity verification continues developing into a strong and secure process, that the exchange of data is more efficient, and that the process of verifying that ‘you are you’ where you want, with whom you want and when you want, is made simple for both consumers and businesses.

•    It’s time to put the consumer back in the middle of their own transactions;
•    Proving ‘you are you’ should be as simple as pressing a button;
•    Collaboration between leaders in blockchain to create an improved digital ID ecosystem worldwide.

True self-sovereign identity: the blockchain’s real killer application
Timothy Ruff, CEO, Evernym, USA

In 2017, the Illinois Blockchain Initiative launched a project to issue digital birth certificates using the Sovrin distributed ledger. The act of issuing so foundational an identity document using blockchain technology signalled a revolutionary new age of ‘self-sovereign’ identity.
In this presentation, Timothy Ruff, CEO at Evernym (the firm that invented Sovrin), will discuss:
•    The challenges and opportunities of taking on a project like digital birth certificates;
•    How self-sovereign identity can solve the internet’s great identity problem;
•    Why distributed ledger technology is necessary for self-sovereign identity;
•    Why true self-sovereign identity demands a fully independent ledger, a global, truly public utility;
•    How and why business and government can begin utilizing and benefiting from self-sovereign identity immediately.. 


Safeguard your privacy with mobile ID
Evangelos Sakkopoulos, Assistant Professor and Mobile Solutions Evangelist, University of Piraeus, Greece, and GET Group’s North America Chief Mobile Solutions Architect

Check out your wallet, yes once again. Is it full of important plastic cards? Your precious personal information is probably written on them for all sort of different activities that you undertake. Your Driver’s License, your ID, is considered the most important one as it holds most of your personal information altogether and in clear text. Beside your driving ability verification, you use it to purchase age-restricted items such as alcohol, medication etc., to enter age-restricted areas, to identify yourself during a hotel check-in and more. However, do you really need to share all your personal information every time, in all these cases? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to choose and to keep to the absolute minimum the amount of information shared for each and every identification process? You are ready to do that using mobile ID solutions. Smartphones have reached greater than 80% penetration in US market since 2016. You are invited to our presentation on ways to enable privacy protection and put an additional privacy protection net over our Driver’s License and Identification cards. Empower yourself to choose what you share!

•    Mobile ID serves as a complementary and flexible alternative to the numerous identity cards one holds;
•    Mobile ID enables minimization of personal information shared in any transaction or identification process (e.g. age verification, hotel check-in, address verification);
•    Mobile ID is already here to stay – Tap and be identified on your terms!

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