We are delighted that the speakers listed below will be presenting at connect:ID 2018. Our speakers are carefully selected from a variety of backgrounds, from top-level strategists and policy makers, to those working hands-on with the latest technologies.

Please check back regularly as more names will be released soon.

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Ricarte B. Abejuela III

Passport Director, Philippines

The Philippine Passport: bridging the path to a National ID

Raffie Beroukhim

General Manager, Senior Vice President, Advanced Recognition Systems, NEC Corporation of America, USA

Richard Camman

Vice President Business Innovation, Vision-Box, The Netherlands

Going seamless is the next journey

Debora Camparin

Workgroup Representative, SIA ID for Development, France

Bridging the gap between civil registration and identification systems – Technical standards for the developing world

John W. M. Campbell

President, Bion Biometrics Inc., Canada

Robert Capps

Vice President of Business Development, NuData Security Inc., a Mastercard Company, Canada

Charles R. Carroll


The Rise of the Trusted Fan Program: Stadium and Concert Security

Mark Clifton

President & CEO Princeton Identity, USA

Neil Costigan

CEO, Behaviosec, Sweden

Phillip Dunkelberger

CEO, Nok Nok Labs Inc., USA

Where does authentication exist in an M2M universe?

Troy Eberhardt

Supervisory Forensic Document Examiner, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Immigration & Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations Forensic Laboratory, USA

Detecting fraudulent U.S. driver’s licences: An in-depth look into the construction of various counterfeit U.S. driver’s licences

Stina Ehrensvard

CEO and Founder, Yubico, USA

Simple. Open. Mobile: A look at the future of strong authentication

Sean Farrell

Head of Portfolio Management, Government Solution Line, SITA, USA

Mina Angeles L. Ganzon

Lead, ePassport Project Team, Office of Consular Affairs, Department of Foreign Affairs, The Philippines

The Philippine Passport: bridging the path to a National ID

Kevin Gillick

Executive Director, GlobalPlatform, USA

GlobalPlatform: Securing the IoT landscape

Brian W. Greene

Portfolio Manager, Border and Transportation Security, Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC), Centre for Security Science (CSS), Department of National Defence, Canada

Jim Greenwell

CEO and President, Danal, USA

KBA is dead! Mobile with Biometrics is the last line of defense

Patrick Grother

Biometric Standards and Testing Lead, National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), USA

Karen Hageman

Customs & Border Protection Officer, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Customs & Border Protection, Fraudulent Document Analysis Unit, USA

Detecting fraudulent U.S. driver’s licences: An in-depth look into the construction of various counterfeit U.S. driver’s licences

Blake Hall

CEO and Founder, ID.me, USA

When secrets are no longer secret: Identity proofing in a post-data breach era

Robert Harbour

Chairman and President, International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA), USA

Closing Remarks

Laura Hart

Vice President Business Operations, Qualcomm Cyber Security Solutions (QCSS), USA

Cyber security: What does end-to-end security mean and where does it start?

Terry Hartmann

Vice President (Asia Pacific), Cognitec, Australia

Mary Haskett

CEO, Tactical Information Systems, USA

Terry Hsiao

CEO, Hook Mobile, USA

Paul Hunter

Chief, Biometrics Strategy, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Department of Homeland Security, USA

Homeland Security; A strategic look into the future of biometrics at USCIS and the Department

Kabir Kasargod

Senior Director, Business Development, Qualcomm Cyber Security Solutions, USA

Building IoT assets from the ground up

David Kelts

Director & Architect, IDEMIA Citizen Digital Identity, USA

Privacy Engineering for Nation-Scale Identity Systems

Alex Kilpatrick

CTO, Tactical Information Systems, USA

Jordie Knoppers

Manager Product Innovation, KLM, The Netherlands

Going seamless is the next journey

Magdalena Krajewska

Associate Professor of Political Science, Wingate University, USA

Documenting Americans: A Political History of National ID Card Proposals in the United States, 1915-2017

Glenn D. Krizay

Director, Defense Forensics and Biometrics Agency, USA

Tovah LaDier

Managing Director, IBIA, USA

Conference welcome

Brenda Leong

Senior Counsel and Director of Strategy, Future of Privacy Forum, USA

Privacy implications of identity management by blockchain

Mark Lockie

connect:ID Conference Co-Chair and Managing Director, Science Media Partners, UK

James A. Loudermilk

Senior Director, Innovation and Customer Solutions, IDEMIA National Security Solutions, USA

Sunil Madhu

CEO, Socure, USA

Arif A Mamedov

President, Regula Baltija Ltd., USA

ID verification using mobile platforms

John Mears

Vice President and Tech Fellow, Leidos, USA

Rob Mikell

Director of Business Development for Government Mobile Solutions, IDEMIA, USA

Policing & Mobile Driver's Licenses: Redefining Safety & Identity in the Digital Age

Robert Mungovan

Vice President Biometrics, Aware, Inc. USA

Mohammed Murad

VP of Global Sales and Business Development, Iris ID, USA

Brian Novack

Product Manager AT&T Chief Security Office – Identity & Access Management, USA

Server-based biometrics – Were we too quick to demonize?

Asem Othman

Team Lead, Biometric Science, Veridium, USA

Jason Oxman

CEO, Electronic Transactions Association, USA

The case for biometrics in fintech

John A. Peters

New Business Development Manager, OVD Kinegram, Switzerland

Mobile e-Gates

Tim Prugar

VP of Operations, Next Caller, USA

Matthew Pruitt

Chief Federal Solutions Architect, NEC Corporation of America, USA

Ambient awareness: Tapping into the Internet of Things (IoT) to strengthen security

Drummond Reed

Chief Trust Officer, Evernym, USA

True self-sovereign identity: the blockchain’s real killer application

Peter Reynolds

Chief Commercial Officer, AimBrain, UK

Evangelos Sakkopoulos

Assistant Professor and Mobile Solutions Evangelist, University of Piraeus, Greece

Safeguard Your Privacy with Mobile ID

Stephen Santa Ana

Biometrics Project Manager, Identity Intelligence Unit, Terrorist Screening Center, USA

Klaus Schmeh

Consultant, cv cryptovision GmbH, Germany

Blockchain-based identity systems – Buzzword or the future of ID technology?

Catherine Schulten

VP Product, LifeMed ID, USA

Lori Stallard

Vice President of Business Development, Leidos, USA

Jim Sullivan

Senior Vice President Strategy & Business Development, BIO-key, USA

Server-based biometrics – Were we too quick to demonize?

Zoltán Székely

Major, Hungarian National Police, Hungary

European innovation for land border mobility

Fabrizio V. de Moraes

Biometrics Consultant and Head of Business Development, Biomatica, Brazil

The story behind the successful deployment of 4 billion biometric financial transactions every year

Rodger Werner

Special Agent, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, USA

Steve White

Foreign National Strategy Coordinator, UK Police, UK

Locking-in criminal identity: An international policing perspective

Ryan Wilk

Vice President of Customer Success, NuData Security Inc. a Mastercard Company, Canada

Greg Wolfond

CEO, SecureKey, Canada

State of the digital union: Advancing digital identity globally

Amy Zirkle

Vice President, Industry Affairs, Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), USA

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