Speakers » Jared X. Goodwin

Jared X. Goodwin

Chief, Document Management Division, US Citizenship & Immigration Services

Co-presenters:  Troy Eberhardt and Kathy Alsbrooks

The End of the Myopic Card Design Era:  The U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services’ Next-Gen Secure Identification Document Project

Governments and the secure identity industry have long worked hand-in-hand to design, develop and implement large and complex Government Identification programs serving millions of people. It is well known that creating such programs is not a linear process and demands close partnerships (between government and trusted suppliers) over a substantial period of time.

What isn’t as visible are the advanced collaborative processes shaping the world’s most successful secure identity programs. The new U.S. Green Card and Employment Authorization Card Program is a case in point. While the latest generation of the U.S. Green Card is in many ways the result of decades of collaboration between the USCIS Document Management Division/ICE Forensic Lab/Customer and Border Protection and other vital Agency entities – along with a team of dedicated industry partners including HID Global, its development also represents a departure from past practices.

Visionary from the outset, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Agency executed on a disciplined design process, in conjunction with trusted industry partners, as well as the needs of a wide swath of designated government agencies and entities. A highly iterative collaborative process allowed the on-time development, testing and implementation of a highly secure, reliable and durable family of cards, while delivering significant value to multiple constituents within the government.

The true achievement of this program may come down to HOW the solution was so efficiently envisioned and ultimately created – on time and on budget. This is no easy task given the Herculean effort required to design and produce a gold standard card –  managing all stakeholders and technical assumptions for useability, durability, functionality, recognize-ability and of course, security.

This is a lesson in the importance of committing to, and delivering on, the effective use of taxpayer dollars. The US Government ultimately got what it needed through sophisticated project management practices, and an understanding that the true value of the card lies in the process of creating it – that an efficient and successful process leads to higher value and more sophisticated solutions which, in turn, better protects against counterfeiters and helps achieve a better ROI.

Our speakers will share insights into these practices and lessons learned developing the Next Generation Immigration Card – including the newly released US Permanent Resident Card and the Employment Authorization Documents – leveraging the latest in cutting-edge card security technologies counterfeit resistance and long term durability in the field.


Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Jared Goodwin attended the United States Naval Academy, where he was a member of the varsity rowing team and graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Ocean Engineering. Upon graduation he was commissioned as a Naval Officer in the Cyrptologic career field.  His duty assignments took him to Fort Meade, Pearl Harbor, the Persian Gulf, Norfolk, Bahrain, Qatar, and Afghanistan. Jared holds a Master’s degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from the United States Naval War College.

Jared joined USCIS in February 2008 as an IT Specialist in the Office of Information Technology (OIT). His original responsibility was the Chief Information Officer’s liaison with the DHS Intelligence Enterprise, including supporting the Information Sharing mission of the Department. His role eventually expanded into being the lead IT Project Manager for all IT services and applications for the USCIS Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate.  

Jared remained in OIT until December 2012 when he took the job as the Chief of the USCIS Document Production Division. The division was responsible for the personalizes a variety of secure identification documents for immigrants and certain non-immigrant aliens in support of USCIS’ statutory requirement to provide timely evidence of benefits.  

In October of 2013, his division was renamed the Document Management Division, when he assumed the additional responsibilities for the printing, inventory management and distribution of all USCIS public use and secure forms.  

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