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BingX Crypto Exchange Review: Trading Platform Guide

BingX Crypto Exchange Review: Trading Platform Guide

This review looks into BingX, a leading name in the digital currency world. Since its start in 2018, it has grown to have over 10 million users worldwide. Known for its wide range of trading options and strong focus on security, BingX is a top choice for many.

It offers everything from spot trading to futures and copy trading. With a secure environment, it caters to all crypto enthusiasts. Let’s dive into what makes BingX a go-to platform for trading.

Key Takeaways

  • BingX boasts a user base of over 10 million globally.
  • The platform offers more than 750 cryptocurrencies for trading, including major coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • BingX supports both Standard Futures and Perpetual Futures trading with leverage up to 150x.
  • Security is a priority, with collaborations with firms like Mazars and SlowMist.
  • Users benefit from a range of trading tools, including copy trading and grid trading bots.

Introduction to BingX

Since starting in 2018, BingX has become a top name in crypto trading services. It has drawn over 10 million users from more than 100 countries and regions. Let’s explore what makes BingX stand out.

Company Overview

BingX is known for its excellent crypto trading services. It has won awards like the best crypto exchange by TradingView and the fastest-growing social trading platform by Global Brands Magazine. With a daily trading volume of $632.9 million, as seen on CoinGecko, BingX is a key player in the market.

On BingX, you can trade over 750 cryptocurrencies, including big names like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and popular meme coins like DOGE and SHIB. For security, we work with firms like Mazars for 100% margin reserves verification and top cybersecurity companies for threat detection. Our KYC process for users boosts security and raises the daily withdrawal limit to 5 million USDT from 50,000 USDT for unverified users.

Services Provided

At BingX, users get a wide range of crypto trading services. These include:

  • Spot Trading: With maker/taker fees of 0.1%, users can trade various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano.
  • Futures Trading: This includes perpetual futures with maker fees of 0.0200% and taker fees of 0.0500%, and standard futures trading at a 0.0450% fee.
  • Copy Trading: Users can diversify their strategies and learn from over 8,000 elite traders and 20,000 professional traders.
  • Asset Management: Offers flexible-term and fixed-term options through BingX Wealth Management, and Shark Fin products that categorize assets as bullish or bearish.
  • Grid Trading: Enables traders to automate their strategies for better market engagement.

Our social trading features make trading easier and save time on research. We also have compliance licenses in the United States, Canada, and other regions for global access. For the latest crypto news and insights, we encourage joining the BingX Community and following the official BingX blog.

Security Measures at BingX

At BingX, keeping cryptocurrency safe is a top goal. Since 2018, BingX has focused on protecting users with strong security steps and partnerships. It has a zero-theft record, showing its strong commitment to keeping assets safe. Let’s look at how BingX uses security to protect users in the fast-changing world of cryptocurrency trading.

Partnerships for Enhanced Security

BingX works with top cybersecurity companies to make its platform safer. Partnering with SlowMist, a well-known cybersecurity firm, shows BingX’s effort to boost cryptocurrency safety. This partnership has brought in new security steps like advanced encryption and threat watching systems. These keep assets safe from cyber threats.

Verification by Reputable Organizations

BingX has been checked by trusted groups to show its dedication to protecting users. Recently, BingX passed a detailed security check by CertiK, a top blockchain security company. This check confirmed BingX’s strong security steps and its follow of strict safety rules. Working with outside auditors makes BingX more open and trustworthy, building user confidence in its safety.

Insurance Fund Mechanism

BingX has an insurance fund to cover risks from unexpected events. This fund helps pay out in case of security issues, adding more protection for users. With this strong insurance fund, BingX makes sure users feel secure, helping them trust their trading more.

Security Feature Description
Advanced Encryption Uses the latest encryption to keep user data and funds safe.
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Adds an extra security step for user accounts, making sure only the right people get in.
Cold and Hot Wallets Provides ways to keep and protect user assets safely.
Real-Time Monitoring Keeps an eye on things 24/7 to spot and stop security threats right away.
Third-Party Audits Has regular security checks by firms like CertiK to make sure its security is strong.

These steps, along with a customer support team ready to help any time, show BingX’s strong commitment to a safe and smooth trading experience. As the world of cryptocurrency changes, BingX stays ahead, keeping up with the best security and protecting its users.

BingX Trading Features

BingX offers many trading features for both new and experienced traders. Spot trading is a key feature, giving access to over 350 cryptocurrencies. It allows traders to use various order types for precise control over their trades.

The futures trading platform at BingX is also impressive. Traders can use up to 150x leverage on BTC/USDT contracts for big potential returns. Ethereum contracts offer up to 100x leverage, and other cryptocurrencies up to 50x or 35x. For indices and commodities, leverage goes up to 100x, and forex pairs offer 300x leverage.

BingX advantages include a modern copy trading system. This feature lets users follow top traders’ strategies. With over 20,000 experienced traders to choose from, users can earn by copying successful strategies. The Wealth service also offers a chance to make money from unused currencies.

The table below summarizes some of the key features offered by BingX:

Feature Details
Spot Trading Fees 0.1% for all trading pairs
Futures Trading Fees 0.0015% to 0.05% based on trading volume
Leverage Options Up to 150x for BTC/USDT, 100x for Ethereum, 50x/35x for other cryptocurrencies, 100x for indices/commodities, 300x for forex pairs
Supported Cryptocurrencies Over 350 for spot trading
Copy Trading Pool of over 20,000 traders
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BingX keeps adding new features, making it a great choice for crypto traders. Its wide range of tools and flexibility help traders make the most of their investments.

Detailed Look at BingX Trading Fees

Understanding BingX’s fee structure is key for traders wanting efficient and low-cost trades. We’ll explore the trading commissions for spot, futures, and the VIP fee structure BingX offers.

Spot Trading Alex Luna

BingX’s spot trading fees are competitive. Most pairs like BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT have a 0.1% maker and taker fee. But, fees for smaller cryptos can be higher. For example, ABT/USDT has a 0.16% maker and 0.17% taker fee.

BingX supports over 700 cryptocurrencies, more than other big platforms like Binance. Users get to enjoy features like the “Feed” for sharing insights and analysis to help make better trading decisions.

Futures Trading Fees

In futures trading, BingX keeps fees low. Autonomous and copy trading in the standard futures segment have a 0.045% fee for both crypto and non-crypto pairs. Funding rates are set every eight hours, based on market and futures price differences.

BingX allows traders to use up to 150x leverage on many cryptocurrencies. This is great for those wanting to trade with low costs and high potential.

VIP Fee Structure

BingX rewards high-volume traders with a VIP fee structure. As trading volume goes up, fees get lower. VIP users can save a lot, especially if they trade a lot. For example, VIPs might pay a 0.02% maker and 0.04% taker fee, down from standard rates.

VIPs also get special perks and features. This makes trading on BingX more attractive for both seasoned traders and newcomers. It offers low fees and a strong trading environment.

Trading Type Maker Fee Taker Fee
Standard Spot Trading 0.1% 0.1%
Futures Trading 0.045% 0.045%
VIP Spot Trading 0.02% 0.04%

BingX Supported Cryptocurrencies

BingX is a dynamic platform that supports over 750 different digital assets. It was founded in 2018 by Lee. Since then, it has become a key place for trading digital coins. It welcomes both new and experienced traders.

Users can trade big names like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), and Cardano (ADA) on BingX. These well-known assets help create a stable trading space.

Besides the big names, BingX also offers a wide range of altcoins and memecoins. Fans of cryptocurrency can trade coins like Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and PEPE. This variety meets the needs of both mainstream and niche markets.

Cryptocurrency Type Examples Trading Opportunities
Major Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano Stable and reputable trading options
Popular Altcoins Polkadot, Chainlink, Polygon Innovative and emerging digital assets
Memecoins DOGE, SHIB, PEPE, BONK Trendy and high-risk, high-reward potentials

BingX ensures a secure trading space with verifiable proof of reserves from Mazars. It also has licenses from top regulatory bodies like FinCEN, AUSTRAC, FINTRAC, and FSIC.

There are no fees for deposit or withdrawal of crypto on BingX. This makes it a great choice for users wanting to increase their returns. The exchange offers a wide range of trading options, strong security, and follows the rules, making it a top pick for global traders.

For those new to digital coin trading, BingX offers a user-friendly interface and regular updates based on market trends. It supports a huge variety of crypto assets, giving a full trading experience to all users.

Comparing BingX to Other Crypto Exchanges

BingX stands out in the world of crypto exchanges. A close look at BingX shows how it’s different from others. It was launched in 2018, just like Bybit. But Bybit has a wider range of cryptocurrencies, with over 1,180 compared to BingX’s 750.

Bybit has more users, over 20 million, while BingX has 10 million. Both exchanges have competitive fees, but BingX has a slight edge with a 0.05% futures taker fee. They both charge 0.1% for spot trading.

BingX has unique features like social trading and a big community. It has a copier base with 600 million total orders copied and over $51 million in Copier Earnings. This makes BingX stand out by focusing on its community.

Bybit offers more derivatives contracts than BingX, with over 370. But both exchanges allow up to 125x leverage for trading. BingX is known for its innovative features like grid trading and offers bonuses up to 200 USDT for new users.

Exchange Year Established Cryptocurrencies Supported Total Users Futures Taker Fee Spot Trading Fee
Bybit 2018 1,180+ 20 million+ 0.055% 0.1%
BingX 2018 750+ 10 million+ 0.05% 0.1%
Bitget 2017 800+ No data 0.06% No data
Phemex 2019 100+ No data 0.06% No data

Bitget was started a year before BingX in 2017 and supports about 800 cryptocurrencies. It focuses on futures and options trading. Phemex is great for options trading and offers up to 100x leverage. Both Phemex and BingX are known for their strong customer service, low spreads, and varied withdrawal fees.

How to Get Started on BingX

Starting your journey with BingX is easy and comes with great benefits. The BingX account setup is simple, ensuring your registration is secure and rewarding.

Creating an Account

The BingX account setup is quick, taking just a few minutes. You can sign up using an email, phone number, or a Google account. This makes it easy for everyone to join.

After setting up your account, you can get bonuses up to 5125 USDT. BingX also offers a $100 sign-up bonus. For new traders, BingX Academy provides many learning resources, making it a great place to start.

Completing KYC Verification

Creating an account is easy, but verifying your identity is crucial to use all BingX features. This process boosts security and increases withdrawal limits. BingX follows strict rules to ensure your assets are safe and transparent.

To verify your identity, you’ll need to provide personal details. This is common on trusted exchanges. It helps protect your account and meets the platform’s high security standards.

After registering and verifying your identity, you can explore BingX’s markets, low trading fees, and more. The platform uses Google 2FA to keep your account safe. With many tools and resources, BingX offers a secure and powerful trading experience.

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Exploring BingX Copy Trading

BingX is known for its unique take on copy trading. It lets new traders learn from pros and even earn. With BingX, you can choose from various copy trading methods. Each one suits different trading styles and risk levels.

Types of Copy Trading

BingX offers many copy trading options for everyone:

  • BingX social trading: Traders can share and talk about strategies live, building a community.
  • Replicating trade strategies: Beginners can copy the trades of experts, following their market moves automatically.

Pros and Cons of Copy Trading

Copy trading on BingX has its ups and downs. Here’s a look at both sides:

Pros Cons
It lets beginners use seasoned traders’ knowledge without needing a lot of knowledge themselves. It depends a lot on the copied trader’s performance, which can be risky.
It encourages learning and talking in the community through social trading features. Profit-sharing fees can be up to 20%, cutting into profits.
It could lead to bigger profits with little effort from the user. Shared risks mean you could lose money too.

BingX Mobile App Review

The BingX mobile app offers a smooth and powerful way to trade crypto on your phone. It works on iOS and Android, giving users the same features as the desktop version. This means you can trade easily, no matter where you are.

User Interface

The BingX app is easy to use and navigate. It’s designed for both new and experienced traders. You can watch the market live and place different types of trades easily. It supports over 350 cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals.

There’s also a practice trading system. It lets beginners and pros practice without risking real money.


The BingX app is packed with features, just like the desktop version. You can switch between different trading modes and use various order types. It also has copy trading, where you can follow successful traders with just a click.

BingX was named the best crypto exchange by TradingView in 2021 and 2022. This shows it’s reliable and top-notch.

User Reviews

Users love the BingX app for its easy use and advanced features. It’s been downloaded over 1 million times, showing its popularity. People say it makes trading easier by letting them access the market anytime, anywhere.

Feature Description
Diverse Cryptocurrencies Supports BTC, ETH, AXS, SAFEMOON, USDT, and many more
Copy Trading Adopt strategies of successful traders with one click
Real-Time Market Monitoring Stay updated with market changes in real-time
Simulated Trading System Enhance skills without financial risk
Flexible Leverage Engage in futures and derivatives trading with up to 150x leverage
Global User Base Over 10 million users globally
User Interface Intuitive and easy to navigate

BingX User Experience

The BingX platform gets mixed reviews, showing both good and bad points. Many traders like its design and features.

About 59% of users give BingX a top rating, thanks to easy trading and a well-designed platform. This makes trading various assets simple and straightforward.

But, there are also complaints. A big 37% of reviews are 1-star, mainly because of account issues, delayed payments, and fraud claims. Users also talk about losing assets during market drops and poor customer help.

On the other hand, some users like certain parts of the platform. They’ve had good times with spot grid trading and making withdrawals. This comes from useful trading tools and learning resources.

The referral program, offering a 10% commission, gets mixed feedback. It could increase earnings but some face account blocks and token withdrawal problems.

Some worry about scams and regulatory problems. Yet, BingX has grown to serve over 10 million users worldwide since 2018. It supports more than 750 cryptocurrencies, including big names like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The verification process is quick, usually one day for individuals and 3 to 5 days for companies. VIP traders get special fee rates based on their activity and loyalty.

BingX is known for its strong security, with no crypto theft since it started. It works with security firms like SlowMist and uses 2FA and AI for risk management. This shows its dedication to keeping user assets safe.

Review Percentage
5-star 59%
4-star Less than 1%
3-star 1%
2-star 2%
1-star 37%

Even with its strong points like design and ease of trading, BingX still has areas to work on. Improving these could make the user experience even better.

BingX Security Policies

BingX takes great care to make sure its users can invest safely. Since 2018, BingX has built a strong reputation in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

They use stringent security protocols like strong 2FA and KYC checks by Sumsub. BingX also fights cybercrime with AI technology.

With regulatory licenses in Lithuania and Australia, BingX meets global standards. This makes users trust BingX more.

BingX has a bug bounty program to encourage security experts to find and report bugs. They also show they care about security with 100% proof of reserves, making investing transparent and safe.

BingX works with Sumsub for strict identity checks. This shows their strong effort to protect against cyber threats and keep user data safe.

Thanks to bank-grade custody solutions, users can trade safely in P2P, derivatives, and automated bot trading. The insurance fund also helps protect against risks, making BingX a trusted trading place.

To sum up, BingX has many security steps like audits, AI for threats, and following rules. These ensure users are very safe when investing on the platform.

Security Feature Details
AI-driven threat detection Uses advanced AI to fight cybercrime.
Two-factor Authentication (2FA) Offers strong 2FA for better security.
KYC Verification Uses Sumsub for strict identity checks.
Proof of Reserves Guarantees 100% of reserves for asset safety.
Insurance Fund Has an insurance fund to cover risks.

BingX Crypto Exchange Review

In this exchange review, I’ll give you a detailed look at BingX. It’s a platform known for its strong setup and many features. These features help both new and experienced traders. The BingX reputability shines with its wide selection of cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and more, helping traders make informed choices.

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BingX offers various trading options such as limit orders and market orders. It also has take profit/stop loss orders for flexibility. A key feature is copy trading, letting users follow successful traders with a click. For beginners, there’s a demo trading system to practice without real money.

BingX provides 24/7 support to help users with any problems. With over 10 million users worldwide, its popularity is clear. The platform has offices in Asia, Oceania, Europe, and South America, showing its global reach.

  • BingX has been named the best crypto exchange by TradingView and the fastest-growing social trading platform by Global Brands Magazine.
  • The exchange supports over 750 cryptocurrencies, offering a wide range of trading options.
  • BingX offers a VIP Exclusive Wealth program, Shark Fin products, and fixed-term wealth management products for different financial goals.

BingX focuses on security, with no crypto or wallet theft since it started. It has a middling CCC rating from CER, but its safety measures are thorough. This mix of features helps traders by offering tools, resources, and security that meet their needs.

Feature Details
Trading Fees 0.1% maker/taker fee for spot trading; 0.0200% maker fee and 0.0500% taker fee for perpetual futures trading; 0.0450% trading fee for standard futures trading.
Customer Ratings 59% 5-star,
Complaints 50% account restrictions, 14% delayed payments, 29% blocked accounts, 21% withdrawal issues.

This exchange review shows BingX’s dedication to offering a full and secure platform for informed crypto trading. With great customer support, educational tools, and advanced trading features, BingX is a solid choice in the crypto exchange world.

Margin Trading on BingX

Starting with margin trading on BingX means learning about leveraged trading. Leveraged trading lets traders use more money than they have by borrowing. For example, a 5:1 ratio means you can control $5 worth of cryptocurrency with just $1 of your money. This way, traders can make bigger potential gains.

Understanding Leveraged Trading

Leveraged trading on BingX means you borrow money to increase your trading power. This lets traders take both long and short positions, making it a strategic choice. But remember, you’ll have to pay interest on the borrowed money, which adds to your costs.

Risks and Rewards

The big draw of leveraged trading is the chance for bigger gains. But, you also face bigger risks. To control these risks, it’s smart to use stop-loss orders. If your account balance drops too low, BingX might close your positions to prevent more losses.

Steps for Margin Trading on BingX

To begin margin trading on BingX, make sure you have a verified account with enough money. Go to the margin trading area, pick the cryptocurrency you want to trade, and set your leverage. BingX offers up to 125x leverage, similar to KuCoin.

Keep an eye on your trades and use BingX’s Isolated Margin Mode to manage your margin and lower the risk of losing everything. You can also practice with demo funds on BingX to get used to how it works before using real money.


What services does BingX provide?

BingX offers spot and futures trading, copy trading, and asset management. It suits both new and skilled traders.

How does BingX ensure the security of its users?

BingX uses top security tech and works with leading cybersecurity firms like SlowMist. It has a zero-theft record and is checked by Mazars for 100% margin reserves. There’s also an insurance fund for extra safety.

What types of trading are available on BingX?

BingX has spot trading, futures trading with leverage, and copy trading. Users can follow strategies of top traders.

What are the trading fees on BingX?

BingX has a competitive fee system with maker and taker fees for spot and futures trading. VIP users get lower fees and more perks based on their trading.

What cryptocurrencies are supported on BingX?

BingX supports over 750 cryptocurrencies. This includes big coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, plus many altcoins and memecoins.

How does BingX compare to other crypto exchanges?

BingX is unique with its wide range of services, global reach, strong security, and special trading options. It’s transparent and financially solid, thanks to partnerships and following the rules.

How can I get started on BingX?

Start by creating an account and verifying your identity through KYC. This makes the platform safer and lets you withdraw more money. The process is easy and follows the rules.

What types of copy trading does BingX offer?

BingX has different copy trading options. Users can follow strategies of skilled traders. This can help with learning and making money, but remember, you’re sharing risks with the copied traders.

What is the BingX mobile app experience like?

The BingX app is easy to use and has all the features of the desktop version. It lets you trade on the go with a smooth experience.

How is the overall user experience at BingX?

BingX is known for being easy to use, having lots of helpful resources, and great customer support. It has something for every trader, from beginners to experts.

What security policies does BingX employ?

BingX uses regular checks, AI to find threats, and secure custody solutions. It also has an insurance fund to protect users from surprises, making it a trusted place to trade.

What does margin trading involve on BingX?

Margin trading on BingX lets you use more money than you have. It can lead to bigger profits or losses. BingX guides users through this, but it’s important to understand the risks.
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