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Bitfinex Crypto Exchange Review: Top Trading Platform

Bitfinex Crypto Exchange Review: Top Trading Platform

Welcome to my review of Bitfinex, a top crypto trading platform. It’s perfect for experienced traders and big investors. It has many features like spot and margin trading with up to 10x leverage. Plus, there’s a peer-to-peer margin funding market for advanced traders.

But, it’s not for everyone, especially beginners. The interface is complex, and there’s no phone support. Still, it stands out with competitive fees, strong security, and lots of liquidity.

Key Takeaways

  • Bitfinex supports over 170 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT).
  • The platform offers spot trading, margin trading, derivatives trading, and peer-to-peer margin funding.
  • Competitive fees starting at 0.1% for makers and 0.2% for takers, with potential discounts for high-volume traders.
  • Advanced security measures include over 99% of funds held in cold storage, two-factor authentication, and IP address monitoring.
  • High liquidity and advanced trading features make Bitfinex ideal for serious traders and investors, although it may be too complex for beginners.

Introduction to Bitfinex

Bitfinex is a top digital asset exchange known for its strong platform and high trading volumes. It’s the biggest Bitcoin trading platform worldwide, handling over 10% of all trades between Bitcoin and the US Dollar. This shows its big role in the crypto world.

Since 2012, Bitfinex has grown to offer many trading options. These include spot trading, margin trading with up to 3.3x leverage, and derivatives trading. With 16 trading pairs, traders can use various strategies. The platform supports many order types, making trading flexible.

Security is a top priority for Bitfinex, after a 2016 cyber attack stole 119,756 Bitcoins. Now, it uses better security like two-factor authentication and cold storage to keep assets safe. It also bought back all BFX tokens issued after the hack to repay customers by April 2017.

Bitfinex keeps fees low, with Maker fees from 0-0.10% and Taker fees from 0.10-0.20%. Margin Funding has a 15.0% fee. For fiat currencies like the US Dollar and Euro, you need ID. But, you can deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies without verification.

The platform is customizable for professional traders. Bitfinex has offices in key financial centers like Hong Kong, London, and Taiwan. It has staff in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Even with some regulatory issues, Bitfinex plans to start services again with strict ID checks.

Let’s look at some key stats and facts:

Feature Details
Establishment Year 2012
Hack Incident 2016, Loss of 119,756 Bitcoins
Repurchase of BFX Tokens Completed by April 2017
24-hour Trading Volume 3,112.346 BTC
Verification Required for Fiat Transactions
Leverage for Margin Trading Up to 3.3x
Trading Pairs 16 Cryptocurrency Pairs
User Types Trader, Exchange, Funding

Bitfinex is a sophisticated digital asset exchange for experienced traders. It offers advanced features for complex trading strategies. While it may be hard for beginners, its strong security, good fees, and wide range of services make it a top choice in crypto trading. The trading features of Bitfinex are great for those looking for a powerful and flexible platform.

Advanced Trading Features

Bitfinex offers advanced trading tools for both new and expert traders. These tools aim to make trading more efficient and help with strategy.

Spot Trading

Bitfinex is a leader in cryptocurrency spot trading thanks to its excellent market liquidity. It lists over 170 cryptocurrency tokens, like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and many others. Traders get to choose from various order types and tight pricing to reduce slippage. This gives traders full control over their trades.

Margin Trading

Bitfinex’s leveraged cryptocurrency trading lets users trade with up to 10x leverage. This feature offers peer-to-peer funding. Traders can set their funding amount, rate, and duration as they see fit. This makes it easy to either increase your trading potential or manage risks.

Derivatives Trading

Bitfinex’s crypto derivatives platform is great for hedging or speculating on price changes. It offers perpetual swaps and futures contracts. These options can increase profits and add variety to investment strategies.

Competitive Fee Structure

Bitfinex is known for its competitive trading fees. It rewards high-volume traders with a tiered fee system. For spot trading, it has some of the lowest fees in the industry.

Maker fees range from 0.1% to 0.0%, and taker fees from 0.2% to 0.1%. These fees depend on your monthly trading volume.

As trading volume goes up, the fees get lower. Traders can get reduced fees starting at $500,000 a month. This makes Bitfinex a great choice for professional traders who want to save money.

Let’s compare Bitfinex’s fees with other big exchanges:

Exchange Maker Fees Taker Fees
Bitfinex 0.1% to 0.0% 0.2% to 0.1%
Binance 0.1% (reduced to 0.075% with BNB) 0.1% (reduced to 0.075% with BNB)
Coinbase 1.49% 1.49% to 3.99%
Bybit Varies (no liquidation fees) Varies (no liquidation fees)
Kraken 0.9% (stablecoins) 1.5% (other tokens)
Kucoin 0.1% 0.1% (plus spread fee)

Bitfinex also supports many fiat currencies like JPY, USD, GBP, and EUR. This gives traders more options for deposits and withdrawals. There’s a 0.0004 BTC deposit fee and a wait of one to two hours for withdrawals.

Bitfinex offers up to 3.3x leverage through a peer-to-peer funding market. This makes it attractive to traders wanting to increase their positions. Its detailed fee structure and discounts make it a top choice for both new and professional traders.

Deep Liquidity

Bitfinex is known for its deep crypto liquidity. It can handle up to $11.8 million in trades every minute, even when markets are down. This makes it a top choice for traders who need to make big trades fast.

The exchange supports over 400 trading pairs, offering traders a wide range of options. This means traders can quickly find the right pair, reducing delays and keeping prices competitive. Plus, trades are executed in as little as 4 milliseconds for big clients, which is key for large trades and small spreads.

For institutional investment, Bitfinex offers up to 10x leverage in margin trading. This is perfect for advanced traders wanting to boost their trading power. The sign-up process is thorough, taking about 2-3 days, ensuring a secure trading space.

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Here’s a quick look at Bitfinex’s main features for liquidity and institutional trading:

Key Feature Details
Trading Pairs Over 400
Execution Speed Up to 4 milliseconds
Trading Volume $11.8 million per minute
Margin Trading Leverage Up to 10x
Liquidity High

With over ten years in the game, Bitfinex has always updated its platform to meet the needs of both individual and institutional investors. This has made it a trusted name in the crypto market.

Security Measures

Bitfinex takes your account safety and crypto asset protection very seriously. They use strong security practices to keep your funds safe from threats. Let’s look at some key ways Bitfinex keeps your assets secure.

Two-Factor Authentication

Bitfinex uses Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) as a top security step. This adds an extra layer of protection to your account. You need a password and a code sent to your phone to log in, making it hard for others to get in.

This makes your account safer and lowers the chance of security problems.

Cold Storage

Bitfinex is great at protecting your crypto by using offline storage, or cold storage. Most of your funds are kept offline, away from online threats. This reduces the risk of hackers and other digital dangers.

With cold storage, Bitfinex keeps your cryptocurrencies safe. This gives you peace of mind about your account’s safety.

IP Address Monitoring

Bitfinex also watches over your account with IP address monitoring. It checks for any strange login attempts. If it finds something, it alerts you right away.

This helps catch unauthorized access early. It lets you act fast to protect your account from threats.

Exchange Transaction Fees Cryptocurrencies Supported Minimum Deposit/Purchase Special Security Features
Kraken 0.00% to 0.40% 200+ Varies 95% funds in cold wallets
Coinbase 0.00% to 0.60% 5,500+ $2 Custodial and non-custodial wallets
Crypto.com 0.00% to 0.075% 350+ 1 Euro Hacked for $35 million, reimbursed
Gemini 0.0% to 0.40% for active traders, 1.49% for others 80+ Varies SOC 2-certified, hot wallet insurance

Bitfinex Crypto Exchange Review

Bitfinex is the biggest crypto exchange by volume. It’s a top digital asset exchange for both new and experienced traders. It has many features to help traders succeed.

Traders can use crypto margin trading with up to 10x leverage. This lets traders make the most of market changes. It’s great for those who want to profit from market ups and downs.

Bitfinex has almost 200 tokens and 400 spot trading pairs. There are also over 60 perpetual futures contracts. This means traders have many options to trade.

Security is key at Bitfinex. They keep 99.5% of client funds in cold wallets. Only 0.5% is in hot wallets for quick access. Their security is tested often by Hacktive Security. Even after a big hack in 2016, they quickly paid back all losses, rebuilding trust.

Bitfinex offers tools like the Scaled Orders tool and Bitfinex Honey. These tools help create custom orders and automated trading strategies easily. There’s also a Paper trading feature for testing strategies safely.

Customer support is quick, available 24/7 via email. They usually answer within 12 hours. Many praise the support team for their fast, friendly help during tough times.

But, opinions on Bitfinex are mixed. While 45% give it 5 stars, there are also complaints. Some mention delays in KYC, issues with funds, and high fees. Some users had good support experiences, but others faced problems with verification and withdrawals.

Rating Percentage
5-star 45%
4-star 6%
3-star 3%
2-star 3%
1-star 43%

In conclusion, Bitfinex is a top choice for traders with its many features, high liquidity, and strong security. But, it’s important to consider the reported issues before deciding.

User Experience

Bitfinex aims to give a top-notch user experience. It offers features for both new and expert traders. The platform is designed to be easy to use and flexible, with a focus on a customizable trading interface and advanced order types.

Trading Interface

The trading interface at Bitfinex is fully customizable. This lets users set it up to fit their needs. Traders can use advanced order types like limit, market, stop, and trailing stop. They also get access to rich charting tools and real-time data to help them make quick decisions.

With over 400 spot trading pairs and nearly 200 tokens, users have a lot of control over their trading. This makes the platform great for complex strategies.

Mobile App

For those who like trading on their mobile, Bitfinex has a strong app for both Apple and Android. It offers the same features as the desktop version. This means users can trade, use advanced features, and keep up with the crypto markets anywhere.

The app also has a Lite Mode for beginners or quick trades. It includes a Fast Pay feature for instant Tether (USDT) or BTC Lightning payments. This makes the app user-friendly.

Rating Percentage User Feedback
5 stars 45% Positive mentions of quick customer support and professional responses
4 stars 6% Adequate but room for improvement
3 stars 3% Average experience, some complaints about functionality
2 stars 3% Issues with delayed responses, unblocking of funds, and KYC procedures
1 star 43% Multiple cases of blocked withdrawals and poor support responses

Bitfinex is a solid platform, but user reviews show mixed feelings. The mobile app gets a lot of praise for its features and ease of use. But, there are big complaints about customer support, like delays in withdrawals and issues with KYC.

In summary, Bitfinex aims for a top user experience with advanced trading features and a customizable interface on desktop and mobile. But, it needs to address the concerns in user reviews to keep up in the competitive market.

Customer Support

Bitfinex is known for its 24/7 customer support through email and chat. Users have shared mixed feelings about their support experiences. Let’s look into these reviews.

“Over seven years with over a billion in trading volume, yet the support is quite disappointing.”

About 45% of reviews gave Bitfinex a 5-star rating, but 43% only gave 1-star. This shows a big difference in how people feel about the support. Some users got quick and professional help, like one who praised the efficient chat support during tough market times.

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However, there were also stories of slow responses, especially with withdrawals. One user had to wait 3 months to verify their account.

Review Rating Percentage
5-Star 45%
1-Star 43%
4-Star 6%
3-Star 3%
2-Star 3%

Bitfinex provides 24/7 trading support via email, with replies within 12 hours on average. But, users have noted that response times can be hit-or-miss. One user got quick and professional help to recover a delisted token for a $500 fee. Yet, another faced delays with a $500 deposit.

Some users found it hard to recall transactions for KYC due to the lack of phone support. But, many praised the live chat agents for their professionalism and helpfulness.

In conclusion, Bitfinex offers key support features for traders. Yet, user experiences show it’s not always consistent. Improving reliability could boost satisfaction for traders on the platform.

Educational Resources

Bitfinex offers a wealth of educational content for traders looking to improve their crypto knowledge. The platform has a wide range of topics, from the basics of cryptocurrencies to advanced trading techniques and market analysis.

Bitfinex focuses on crypto trading education, making sure both new and seasoned traders can find useful materials. The educational center includes:

  • Tutorials: Step-by-step guides on various trading techniques and platform functionalities.
  • Webinars: Live sessions hosted by industry experts covering market analysis content and emerging trends.
  • Articles: In-depth discussions on cryptocurrency fundamentals, investment strategies, and risk management.

These resources aim to equip users with the confidence to navigate the crypto market. Whether you’re just starting or want to improve your trading skills, Bitfinex’s educational content is a great resource.

Feature Description
Educational Tutorials Comprehensive guides on trading strategies and platform use.
Live Webinars Real-time sessions by experts covering current market trends.
In-Depth Articles Extensive articles on cryptocurrency basics and advanced topics.

Bitfinex Background

Bitfinex started in 2012 in Hong Kong and quickly became a big name in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges. It joined iFinex in the British Virgin Islands, making it stronger in the market. This move helped Bitfinex support over 178 different cryptocurrencies.

Despite its growth, Bitfinex faced big challenges. It was hacked twice, losing 1,500 BTC in 2015 and a huge 120,000 BTC in 2016. But in December 2021, Bitfinex made a big comeback, recovering over 6 BTC from the 2016 hack.

Bitfinex is known for its low fees, ranging from 0-0.1% for makers and 0.055-0.2% for takers. Users holding LEO cryptocurrency get discounts, making it more attractive for traders. There are no fees for cryptocurrency deposits, but wire transfers have a 0.1% fee with a $60 USD/Euro minimum.

In 2019, Bitfinex faced a big challenge when the New York Attorney General investigated it. The investigation claimed the exchange hid $850 million in funds. Despite this, Bitfinex still ranks 19th in trading volume among cryptocurrency exchanges.

Key Event Details
Foundation 2012 in Hong Kong
Parent Company iFinex, British Virgin Islands
Supported Cryptocurrencies Over 178
Hack Incidents 2015: 1,500 BTC, 2016: 120,000 BTC
Regulatory Challenges 2019 New York Attorney General Investigation
User Rating 4.4

Bitfinex doesn’t support big assets like Tether, BNB, and Lido Staked Ether. But it still draws users with its advanced trading tools and deep liquidity. It’s not open to U.S. residents, but it’s available in many other places around the world.

Bitfinex uses strong security like two-factor authentication and cold storage to keep user funds safe. A big part of client funds, 99.5%, is kept in cold storage. This shows a strong focus on security, helping to rebuild trust after past issues.

Account Registration and Verification

Setting up a crypto account with Bitfinex is easy and quick. You start by giving some basic personal details and verifying your email. After that, you can start trading cryptocurrencies right away.

Opening an Account

Creating a crypto account with Bitfinex is simple and easy to use. First, you enter your basic info and agree to the terms. Then, you confirm your email and get access to over 200 cryptocurrencies and 400 trading pairs.

Bitfinex also supports four fiat currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, and JPY. This gives you a wide range of market options worldwide. But, some countries like the United States might have restrictions.

Identity Verification

For fiat transactions or advanced features, Bitfinex needs to verify your identity. You’ll need to provide government ID, proof of address, and sometimes more to prove who you are and where you live. This step is key for keeping transactions safe and secure.

Verifying for fiat can take 6 to 8 weeks. But, you can start trading cryptocurrencies right away after signing up.

Feature Verification Level Needed Details
Bank Wire Transfers Intermediate or Full Requires governmental ID and proof of address
Margin Trading Intermediate Allows higher trading leverage
OTC Trading Full Ideal for high-value trades
Crypto-to-Crypto Trades Basic Available immediately after email confirmation

Top Cryptocurrencies Traded on Bitfinex

Bitfinex is a big name in the crypto market, offering over 170 tokens for trading. Some cryptocurrencies are more popular because of their high trading volume and liquidity. Let’s take a closer look at the top ones on Bitfinex.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin trading is huge on Bitfinex. This shows the platform’s strong setup and ability to handle big BTC deals. The high liquidity of BTC means trades are done quickly and securely, helping traders who need fast and safe transactions.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum trading thrives on Bitfinex, thanks to its advanced trading systems. The exchange offers margin trading and derivatives, fitting the varied strategies of ETH traders.

Tether (USDT)

Tether, a stablecoin, is very active on Bitfinex. Its stable value is a safe choice during market ups and downs. The USDT market on Bitfinex shows the platform’s skill in smooth and efficient stablecoin transactions.

These top cryptocurrencies—Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether—make up the core of Bitfinex’s trading. They highlight the platform’s ability to meet different trading needs with efficiency and reliability.

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Pros and Cons of Bitfinex

Bitfinex is a top cryptocurrency exchange known for its strong trading platform. Yet, it’s not perfect. Here, I’ll look at the good and bad sides of using Bitfinex.


Bitfinex is great for advanced traders. It has a tiered fee structure starting at 0.1% for makers and 0.2% for takers. Fees can drop to 0% for makers and 0.055% for takers with high trading volume. This makes it cost-effective.

The exchange supports many order types, like stop-limit orders and trailing stops. This gives traders more flexibility. It also offers up to 10x leverage for margin trading, letting users borrow money or cryptocurrencies with their assets as collateral.

Bitfinex is secure, keeping over 99% of user assets in cold storage. It uses two-factor authentication and withdrawal protection. High-volume traders get discounts on fees, especially with LEO cryptocurrency.


Bitfinex has its downsides too. It can be hard to learn for beginners. It doesn’t offer asset insurance, which is a risk. It also lacks crypto card options, limiting user experience.

Customer support is mainly through email support tickets, with live chat but no phone support. This can lead to delays in solving issues. Some users have complained about slow customer service and delays in withdrawals.

Bitfinex has faced legal issues and been fined for violations, hurting its reputation. It doesn’t have popular cryptocurrencies like Tether (USDT), BNB, or Lido Staked Ether. Also, U.S. citizens can’t open accounts, adding to the drawbacks.

Advantages Limitations
Competitive tiered fees Steep learning curve
Advanced order types No asset insurance
High leverage options Slow customer service responses
Comprehensive staking services No phone support
High-level security measures Regulatory challenges
Discounts for LEO holders Restricted U.S. account openings


Bitfinex has a strong history and offers advanced features for experienced traders. It started in late 2012 and has survived many ups and downs in the crypto market. The 2016 hack, where nearly 120,000 BTC were stolen, showed its commitment to making things right and improving security.

Bitfinex is known for its deep liquidity and fair fee model. It supports many fiat and cryptocurrencies, making it stand out. Although it doesn’t work with US customers and has had some transparency issues, it’s great for big traders who want lots of liquidity.

It also focuses on security, keeping 99.5% of funds in cold storage and using two-factor authentication. This makes it a safe choice for traders.

Even with some downsides, like not working with traders from certain countries and customer support issues, Bitfinex is still a top pick. It has great trading tools, a customizable interface, and offers leverage options. For traders looking for a reliable exchange with advanced features, Bitfinex is a solid choice.


What is Bitfinex?

Bitfinex is a top crypto trading site. It’s known for its strong trading tools, high liquidity, and security. It’s mainly for experienced crypto traders and big investors.

What type of trading features does Bitfinex offer?

Bitfinex has many trading features. You can do spot trading, margin trading with up to 10x leverage, and trade derivatives like perpetual swaps and futures.

What are the trading fees on Bitfinex?

Bitfinex has a tiered fee system. Fees range from 0% to 0.1% for makers and 0.1% to 0.2% for takers. Fees go down as you trade more.

How does Bitfinex ensure the security of user funds?

Bitfinex keeps your money safe with strong security steps. They use two-factor authentication, store most funds in cold storage, and watch IP addresses to stop unauthorized access.

What makes Bitfinex stand out in terms of liquidity?

Bitfinex is known for its deep liquidity. This makes it great for big trades. It’s perfect for traders who deal with a lot of volume.

How user-friendly is the Bitfinex interface?

Bitfinex’s interface is advanced and full of features. It has many order types and detailed chart tools. It’s great for pro traders who want full control over their trading.

Is there a Bitfinex mobile app?

Yes, Bitfinex has a mobile app. It lets traders manage trades, use advanced features, and stay updated with the crypto market from anywhere.

What customer support options does Bitfinex provide?

Bitfinex offers support through email and live chat. Traders can get quick help with questions or tech issues. But, they don’t have phone support.

What educational resources are available on Bitfinex?

Bitfinex has an education center with lots of useful content. It covers cryptocurrencies, trading methods, and market analysis. It helps traders learn more about crypto.

How do I open an account on Bitfinex?

Creating an account on Bitfinex is easy. Just give some basic info and an email address. Then, you can start trading crypto right away.

What is involved in the identity verification process?

You need to verify your identity for fiat currency trading on Bitfinex. This means sending in government ID and other documents to prove who you are and where you live. It follows AML rules.

Which cryptocurrencies are most actively traded on Bitfinex?

The most traded cryptocurrencies on Bitfinex are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT). These see a lot of trading and are very liquid on the platform.

What are the advantages of trading on Bitfinex?

Trading on Bitfinex has many benefits. It offers advanced tools for traders, good fees, flexible leverage, and staking services. It meets different trader needs.

What are the downsides of using Bitfinex?

Bitfinex can be hard for beginners. It doesn’t have asset insurance or crypto cards. Also, solving issues might take longer since they don’t offer phone support.
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