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HTX Crypto Exchange Review: Friendly Analysis

HTX Crypto Exchange Review: Friendly Analysis

Welcome to my detailed review of HTX crypto exchange. It was first known as Huobi and started in 2013. Since then, it has grown to be a key player in the crypto trading world. This review will look at the platform’s new name, features, and what these changes mean for traders and new users.

I will cover HTX’s market presence, trading options, security, and user experience in this review. By the end, you’ll know if HTX is the right choice for your crypto trading.

Key Takeaways

  • HTX, formerly known as Huobi, was founded in 2013, making it one of the older exchanges in the industry.
  • The platform supports trading and exchange of over 700 different cryptocurrencies.
  • Transaction fees on HTX are competitive, capped at 0.2%.
  • Up to 98% of users’ cryptocurrencies are stored in cold wallet devices to enhance security.
  • HTX provides 24/7 live customer support, which is highly rated in user reviews.

Introduction to HTX Crypto Exchange

Since 2013, HTX, once known as Huobi, has grown to be a key player in the digital asset trading world. It offers over 600+ digital assets and lets users trade more than 600 cryptocurrency pairs as of January 2024. This makes HTX a top choice for traders looking for variety and depth in their trading experience.

HTX is based in Singapore and supports many fiat currencies like USD, AUD, GBP, CAD, EUR, and NZD. Users who hold the HT (Huobi) token can enjoy up to 50% off on trading fees and VIP membership perks.

The mobile apps for Android and iOS make trading easy on the go. Plus, 24/7 support through Zendesk ensures users get help whenever they need it.

HTX is serious about security. It uses two-factor authentication, encryption, and regular security checks to protect users’ assets. Most digital assets are kept in cold storage for extra security.

HTX’s fees are competitive, with maker and taker fees at 0.2%. There are various deposit options, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, cryptocurrency, and services like Apple Pay, Banxa, Simplex, and AdvCash.

HTX supports millions of users in over 130 countries, making it a leading exchange globally. But, it’s important to note that users from the United States, China, Japan, UK, Russia, and some other countries are not supported.

HTX stands out with its wide range of cryptocurrencies, focus on the user, and strong security. It’s a reliable and significant player in the digital currency world.

History and Background of HTX

HTX started as Huobi in 2013 by Leon Li and Du Jun. It quickly became a key player in China’s digital asset market. By December 2013, it was the biggest platform for trading digital assets in China, with over 30 billion yuan in trades.

HTX hit more milestones soon after. By June 2016, it had processed 1 trillion RMB in trades. This number jumped to 1.7 trillion yuan by November, making it a major player in the global bitcoin market. A funny incident in September 2014 saw 920 bitcoin and 8,100 litecoin mistakenly go to the wrong accounts but were later returned.

But, the journey wasn’t without challenges. In August 2017, Huobi and OKCoin invested 1 billion yuan in wealth-management products, sparking controversy. Despite this, the exchange expanded globally. It opened in Korea in October 2017 and in Singapore by November, hitting 30 billion RMB in trades its first month.

HTX continued to grow, opening an office in Tokyo in December 2017. It also partnered with the SBI Group to launch exchanges in Japan. By August 2018, it acquired a 74% stake in Pantronics Holdings, listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In November 2020, it set up Huobi Labuan for a regulated exchange in Malaysia.

In September 2021, HTX stopped serving mainland China due to new rules. This led to its rebranding to HTX in September 2023. Today, HTX lists over 700 cryptocurrencies and serves over 50 million users in 170 countries.

The following table encapsulates some of the crucial milestones in HTX history:

Year Milestone
2013 Founded by Leon Li and Du Jun; reached 30 billion yuan in trading volume.
2014 920 bitcoin and 8,100 litecoin mistakenly deposited into wrong accounts were returned.
2016 Total transaction volume climbed to 1.7 trillion yuan, representing over 60% of the global bitcoin market.
2017 Invested 1 billion yuan in wealth-management products; expanded to Korea and Singapore.
2018 Launched operations in Japan; acquired 74% stake in Pantronics Holdings.
2020 Opened Huobi Labuan in Malaysia.
2021 Ceased serving customers in mainland China.
2023 Rebranded as HTX.

User Experience on HTX

HTX Crypto Exchange aims to make trading easy and reliable. It offers a simple interface, quick customer support, and services across many regions. But, what users say is a bit different.

Interface and Usability

The HTX user interface is made for both new and seasoned traders. It has tools for charting, technical indicators, and different order types. Yet, some users have found it hard to use. For example, 70% of reviews gave HTX 1 star, citing issues like frozen withdrawals and deposits for many coins, and trouble getting money out even with all the right documents.

Customer Support

HTX has 24/7 customer service through chat, email, and FAQs. But, many users are unhappy with it. They talk about having $80,000 in crypto locked for over three months, slow money releases, and problems with KYC checks. These issues have hurt how people see HTX’s trading platform usability.

Geographic Availability

HTX is based in Seychelles and accepts many fiat currencies like USD, GBP, and EUR. But, it’s not available in the USA or UK. This limits its use for traders in those areas who want to use HTX’s wide range of crypto and trading options. Even though it’s the #10 crypto exchange worldwide, its limited reach might slow its growth and user growth.

HTX has many features to help users, but the real experience, especially with customer service and trading platform usability, shows areas that need work. Users’ feedback points out these issues, showing HTX needs to improve to give traders a better experience.

HTX Trading Platform Features

The HTX platform strengths shine with its easy-to-use interface. It suits both new and seasoned traders. It offers over 600 cryptocurrencies and more than 600 trading pairs as of January 2024. This includes popular currencies like BTC, DOGE, and ETH, giving users many options to grow their portfolios.

HTX handles a daily trading volume over $4 billion, making it a busy trading spot. It supports over 500 assets and 300 trading pairs, giving traders a wide range of choices. The platform’s fees start at 0.2% but can drop to as low as 0.1% with higher trading or VIP membership.

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Traders get to use TradingView’s advanced tools for detailed analysis. These tools are known for their customization and accuracy, helping traders make smart choices. HTX also offers up to 3X leverage for margin trading and up to 200X for crypto futures, offering big opportunities for those who like to take risks.

Feature Details
Daily Trading Volume Over $4 billion
Supported Assets Over 600 digital currencies and 600 trading pairs
Fee Structure 0.2% maker/taker fees, reduced with VIP memberships
Leverage Options Up to 3X for margin trading, up to 200X for futures trading
Charting Tools TradingView integration

The HTX platform strengths also include strong security and support. It keeps up to 98% of users’ crypto in cold wallets and offers 24/7 help. Since starting in 2013, HTX has become a trusted name in the crypto market.

But, HTX isn’t open to traders from some countries, like the U.S., Japan, Germany, and others. Still, for those who can use it, HTX offers a full range of trading tools and features. This makes it a key player in digital assets trading.

Trading Options on HTX

HTX, known as Huobi since 2013, offers many trading options for different traders. It has spot markets, margin trading, and a big derivatives market. This gives both new and experienced traders many chances to trade.

Spot Trading

HTX has over 500 cryptocurrencies for spot trading. Traders can easily buy and sell digital assets here. The platform supports many fiat currencies like USD, GBP, EUR, RUB, UAH, and KZT, making it easy for users worldwide.

But, it’s not the best for beginners because of its complex features and many assets to trade.

Margin Trading

With margin trading on HTX, traders can use up to 5x leverage on over 80 tokens. This lets traders increase their positions but also raises the risk. They can also use leveraged ETPs for popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Chainlink with 3x leverage.

This makes it possible for traders to make big profits, but they must be careful.

Futures and Options

HTX is great for derivatives markets, offering many trading products. Traders can trade traditional futures, perpetual swaps, coin-margined futures, USDT-margined futures, and options. The platform’s leverage can go up to 200x on some products.

This high-risk, high-reward setup is perfect for experienced traders who want to make the most of market changes.

In summary, HTX has a wide range of trading options, from simple spot trading to high-leverage derivatives. This means every trader can find the right tools and chances to match their trading style on HTX.

HTX Fees and Pricing Structure

Understanding HTX’s fee structure is key for traders looking for low costs and clear pricing. We’ll explore the details of HTX fees and the trading cost structure. This includes maker/taker fees and charges for deposits and withdrawals.

Maker/Taker Fees

HTX has a tiered fee system for maker/taker fees. Traders pay less as they trade more and hold more HT coin. The basic fee is 0.20%, but discounts kick in as follows:

  • Level 1 (≥10 HT): 0.18% (10% discount)
  • Level 2 (≥100 HT): 0.16% (20% discount)
  • Level 3 (≥500 HT): 0.12% (40% discount)
  • Level 4 (≥1,000 HT): 0.09% (55% discount)
  • Level 5 (≥2,000 HT): 0.08% (60% discount)
  • Level 6 (≥5,000 HT): 0.07% (65% discount)

HTX offers competitive trading fees, especially for those trading a lot or holding HT tokens. This makes trading costs more favorable.

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

Depositing and withdrawing on HTX is easy, with many methods available and clear fees. Here’s a closer look at the fees for deposits and withdrawals:

Method Fee
Bank Transfer (Deposit) 0.15% + $1
Credit/Debit Card (Deposit) 0%
Bank Transfer (Withdrawal) $0 – 0.15% + $1

HTX doesn’t charge fees for cryptocurrency deposits, showing its commitment to clear pricing. Withdrawal fees vary but stay competitive.

HTX offers a mix of no fees and low fees, with big discounts for HT token holders. This makes the trading costs clear and favorable for traders.

Security Measures on HTX

Security is key for any crypto exchange, and HTX works hard to keep user accounts and the platform safe. It uses strong security features to give users peace of mind when trading digital assets. Let’s dive into the steps HTX takes for account and platform security.

Account Security

HTX boosts user account security with two-factor authentication (2FA). This adds an extra security step beyond passwords. Users are urged to turn on 2FA to keep their accounts safe from unauthorized access. HTX also uses SSL encryption to make sure all data sent between the user and the platform is secure and private.

HTX has strict rules for account protection, like penalizing suspicious actions. For example, if a buyer cancels an order four times in a day, some account features might be blocked. Doing this too often could even lock the account for 48 hours if the amounts are big, showing HTX’s focus on keeping crypto safe.

Platform Security

HTX’s platform security is built on multiple levels to protect user assets and keep the system safe. It uses cold storage for most digital assets, keeping funds offline and safe from online threats. This cold storage is backed by multi-signature tech, adding more protection against unauthorized access.

HTX checks project teams regularly to keep things honest and open. If there are big risks or user complaints, it can start special investigations. This keeps the platform in check for security and integrity.

For big issues, HTX can share updates within 24 hours, keeping users and stakeholders informed. There’s also 24/7 email support for users to report and fix security problems, even though there’s no live chat or phone help.

In short, HTX’s strong security steps, from top-notch account protection to solid platform security, show its commitment to being safe and trustworthy in crypto trading.

HTX Mobile App Experience

The HTX mobile app offers a smooth trading experience, just like its desktop version. It has a design focused on the user and performs well. This app is great for both new and experienced traders.

Features of the Mobile App

The HTX mobile app has many features for trading on your phone:

  • Wide Asset Support: It offers over 1,000 types of cryptos and 500 spot cryptocurrencies for trading.
  • Advanced Trading Tools: You can use charts like the Standard chart, Depth chart, and TradingView for detailed market analysis.
  • User-Centric Design: The app is easy to navigate and has a clean interface. This makes trading, managing portfolios, and tracking market trends simple.
  • Security Features: It has strong security with two-factor authentication (2FA) to keep accounts safe.
  • Payment Versatility: You can use many fiat currencies, like USD, EUR, and GBP, for easy deposits and withdrawals.
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User Reviews and Feedback

Users worldwide love the app for its performance and ease of use. They say it’s great for:

  • Fast and Efficient Trade Execution: Traders like how quickly the app handles orders and executions. This is key for making the most of market chances.
  • Comprehensive Features: People enjoy that the app has all the advanced tools available on desktop, like limit orders and trigger orders.
  • Reliability: Many users say the app is stable and works well, even when the market is busy.

With over 20 million users worldwide, the HTX mobile app is a big hit. Its focus on users and top-notch performance make it a top choice for mobile crypto trading.

HTX Crypto Listings and Market Coverage

In my recent dive into the HTX crypto exchange review, I found that HTX stands out for its wide range of markets. By 2023, it had over 46 million users, with 5 million new ones joining that year. This shows how popular and effective HTX is for its users.

HTX is great for market diversity. In 2023, it added 123 new cryptocurrencies, making over 300 available. This means more choices for investors, making trading more interesting and varied.

The new coins come through HTX’s HADAX platform, which keeps up with market changes. With 134 trading pairs in 2023, the platform offers a lively and varied trading space. It suits both new and seasoned traders.

Statistic Value
Total Registered Users 46 Million
New Registrations in 2023 5 Million
Dual-End Accesses (App & Web) 54.3 Billion
Annual Trading Volume $1.3 Trillion
Spot Trades Contribution $600 Billion (46.1%)
P2P Trading Volume in 2023 $7.2 Billion
New Cryptocurrencies Added in 2023 123
New Trading Pairs Added in 2023 134

HTX has grown a lot in trading volume, reaching $1.3 trillion annually. Spot trades make up about $600 billion of this, showing HTX’s strong platform.

HTX’s P2P business is also booming, with a trading volume of nearly $7.2 billion. This shows how reliable and popular HTX is for peer-to-peer exchanges.

HTX keeps innovating with projects like PrimeVote and PrimePool. In 2023, PrimeVote had over 500 projects sign up, offering more than 2.3 million USDT in rewards. PrimePool gave out over 2.2 million USDT to users across 11 rounds. These efforts bring new assets and rewards to users.

HTX’s wide market coverage and variety of trading pairs show its dedication to a full trading experience. Its ongoing updates and additions make it a top choice in the crypto world, as seen in every HTX crypto exchange review.

HTX’s Financial Products and Services

HTX financial services offer a wide range of cryptocurrency investment options. They help both new and seasoned traders. In Singapore, HTX supports over 702 currencies and serves more than 46 million users.

HTX’s financial products stand out with its leveraged exchange-traded products (ETPs). These let users bet on popular cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH with more power. For those wanting to increase their investment, leveraged trading is available with up to 5x leverage on over 80 tokens.

HTX has cool tools to make trading better, like its trading bot service. This bot helps automate trading plans, giving users an advantage in the fast-moving crypto market. HTX Earn lets users from over 200 countries earn interest, adding up to more than 10 million USDT. Also, HTX PrimePool did 11 rounds in 2023, giving out over 2.2 million USDT to users.

For those into regular investments, HTX has Regular Invest. It makes automatic investments in certain cryptocurrencies. The Auto-Invest Your Balance feature helps over 100,000 users, showing HTX’s dedication to offering flexible and new financial solutions.

Service Features
Leveraged ETPs Up to 3x leverage on BTC, ETH, and LINK
Trading Bot Service Automates trading strategies
HTX Earn Interest income: 10 million+ USDT
PrimePool Distributed 2.2 million+ USDT in 2023
Regular Invest Automates regular cryptocurrency investments
Auto-Invest Your Balance Served 100,000+ users

HTX financial services are backed by many deposit methods, like bank transfer and credit cards. They also accept Apple Pay and various cryptocurrencies. With a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, HTX keeps offering new cryptocurrency investment options. They’re always improving the trading experience for their users.

Regulatory Standing and Compliance

HTX started as Huobi in Beijing, China in 2013 by Li Lin. It has grown a lot in the crypto world. But, it faced big challenges to become strong in following the rules. A key moment was buying a Hong Kong-listed company in 2018, showing Huobi wanted to grow worldwide.

In 2021, China banned crypto transactions, making millions leave Huobi. This led to rumors Huobi might sell, then it changed its name to HTX. This change was to adjust its business and improve its license for trading digital assets in different places.

HTX changed its name but still faces questions about following the rules. It lets users withdraw up to 5 BTC a day without needing to prove who they are. This can be good for users who want freedom but raises big worries about HTX following the rules, especially about stopping money laundering.

Some say HTX doesn’t check users well enough, which could lead to illegal activities. Users from places like the EU, UK, and US might not know they’re dealing with illegal groups because HTX doesn’t check where users are from.

HTX is compared to Binance, which also had issues with following the rules. This shows a big problem in crypto regulation. But, HTX is still seen as very secure (4.9/5) and has good trading fees, making it a big player in the crypto world.

Exchange Threenvest Valuation Trading Fee Security Rating
HTX 4.4/5 ≤0.20% for users 4.9/5
Go exchange 3.6/5 N/A 4.5/5
Binance Brazil N/A 0.1% N/A
Bybit N/A 0.015% for makers, 0.04% for takers N/A
KuCoin N/A 0.1% N/A
Kraken N/A N/A Never hacked

HTX Crypto Exchange Review: Final Thoughts

HTX, also known as Huobi Global, started in Beijing in 2013. It has become one of China’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, ranking in the top ten worldwide by trading volume. In this HTX trading platform evaluation, I’ve looked at many aspects to give a final assessment. This includes both its good points and areas that need work.

HTX offers trading in over 200 cryptocurrency pairs across VTS, ETN, and USDT markets. This wide selection attracts both new and experienced traders. The exchange also offers a 30% cashback bonus for users who bring in new members, in USDT, points, or Huobi Tokens.

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HTX is serious about following the law. It has licenses and registrations in Europe, America, Asia, and the Middle East. It holds a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) License from Gibraltar and an AUSTRAC Digital Currency Exchange Provider Registration in Australia. This shows HTX’s commitment to being legal and building trust in a risky industry.

But, HTX has faced challenges too. In November, a big security issue led to a $30 million loss. This shows the need for better security. Also, HTX’s withdrawal fee changes based on the user’s VIP level, from 0.5% to 0.3%. This might affect traders who trade a lot.

HTX’s numbers show it’s active in the market, with a 24-hour volume of $44,240,251.13 and price changes. When compared to Ethereum, a big name in the industry, HTX’s volume is much smaller, at $44.2 million versus Ethereum’s $20.5 billion. This shows where HTX stands in the market.

“HTX has shown resilience and adaptability in the ever-evolving crypto landscape. Despite legal and security hurdles, its commitment to regulatory compliance and user incentives signifies a bright prospect for both existing and potential users.”

In conclusion, this HTX trading platform evaluation highlights key points for a full final assessment. HTX is a big player with great potential. It needs to keep improving its security and following the law. For these reasons, HTX is a good choice for traders looking for a reliable and innovative platform.

Comparing HTX with Other Exchanges

We’ll look closely at how HTX compares with big names like Binance, KuCoin, and OKX. We’ll check out different factors to see where HTX fits in.

HTX vs Binance

HTX and Binance have some big differences. Binance trades a lot, with $7,974,760.85, while HTX trades $949,295,873.74. This shows Binance reaches more people.

Binance has lower fees, but HTX offers good fees too. For users with less than 10 HT, fees start at 0.20% and can go down to 0.07% for big traders.

Feature HTX Binance
Trade Volume $949,295,873.74 $7,974,760.85
Trading Fees 0.20% – 0.07% Lower than HTX
Assets Managed $4.2 billion N/A

HTX vs KuCoin

KuCoin is also a big player in the exchange world. It trades $698,797,234.74, less than HTX. Both have good fees and support many cryptocurrencies. But HTX handles $4.2 billion in assets, showing its strong market position.

Feature HTX KuCoin
Trade Volume $949,295,873.74 $698,797,234.74
Number of Cryptocurrencies Supported 700+ Comparable
Assets Managed $4.2 billion N/A


Looking at HTX and OKX, we see both differences and similarities. OKX’s details on trade volume and assets aren’t as clear as HTX’s. Yet, both have tiered fees and support many cryptocurrencies. HTX stands out with strong security, like cold storage and SSL encryption.

Feature HTX OKX
Trade Volume $949,295,873.74 N/A
Security Measures Cold storage, 2FA, SSL encryption Robust
Number of Cryptocurrencies Supported 700+ Extensive

This comparison shows HTX’s strong position against Binance, KuCoin, and OKX. Each exchange has its own strengths, from trading volumes to security and fees.


HTX has become a key player in the crypto market. It has over 46 million users, with 5 million new ones in 2023. This shows it’s getting more popular and trusted.

The platform trades around $1.3 trillion a year, with $600 billion in spot trading. This shows its strong trading scene.

HTX has seen big growth in spot and P2P trading in 2023. It now lists 123 cryptocurrencies and 134 spot trading pairs. This has drawn interest in projects like SUI, SEI, and TIA.

These projects have seen big increases, showing HTX’s smart choices. The number of PEPE coins went up by 2000 times.

HTX is also improving for users. Login times and satisfaction have gone up by 14% and 27%. Features like Auto-Invest Your Balance and Regular Invest show its focus on users.

HTX has made big moves in growing its services and user base. It’s always improving and making smart choices. This review shows HTX is a top choice for traders, ready for more growth and success.


What is the HTX Crypto Exchange?

The HTX Crypto Exchange is a place where people trade cryptocurrencies online. It used to be called Huobi. It offers many financial services and lists over 300 cryptocurrencies for trading.

Who founded HTX and when?

Leon Li and Du Jun started HTX in 2013. It was known as Huobi back then. Now, it’s in Seychelles because of rules in other places.

How is the user experience on HTX?

HTX makes trading easy with a simple interface and good customer support. It works well on both computers and phones. But, it’s not available everywhere.

What are the main features of the HTX trading platform?

HTX has cool trading tools like TradingView charts. It also offers Finance/Earn services and lets users customize their experience. This makes trading better for everyone.

What trading options does HTX offer?

HTX lets traders do spot trading, margin trading, and trade futures and options. This gives traders many ways to manage their money.

How does the fee structure work on HTX?

HTX has a fair and clear fee system. It uses a tiered model for maker/taker fees. They also share details on fees for deposits and withdrawals.

What security measures does HTX implement?

HTX uses strong security to protect users’ money and info. They have advanced account protection and security for the platform.

What can I expect from the HTX mobile app?

The HTX app is easy to use and has many features like the website. People like it for being useful and easy to get around.

Which cryptocurrencies are listed on HTX?

HTX lists over 300 cryptocurrencies. They add new coins through the HADAX platform. This keeps up with what the market wants.

What financial products and services does HTX offer beyond trading?

HTX has more than just trading. They offer trading bots and leveraged ETPs. These help make trading better for users.

How does HTX maintain regulatory compliance?

HTX follows global financial rules and has trading licenses from different places. This builds trust and security for its users.

How does HTX compare with other major exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, and OKX?

HTX is unique with its wide range of trading options, good fees, and strong security. Compared to Binance, KuCoin, and OKX, HTX offers a special mix of services and user experience.
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