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KuCoin Crypto Exchange Review: Trading Made Easy

KuCoin Crypto Exchange Review: Trading Made Easy

The world of cryptocurrency can seem complex, but KuCoin makes it easy and friendly. It’s one of the top 10 biggest crypto exchanges by trading volume, as Forbes Advisor notes. KuCoin is known for its user-friendly features, even though U.S. users face some limits due to KYC verification issues.

Since starting in 2017, KuCoin has focused on a secure and efficient trading platform. It works with Onchain Custodian and Lockton for insurance, ensuring users’ funds are safe. In this review, we’ll explore KuCoin’s features, security, fees, and more. We’ll see how KuCoin makes trading in crypto simple.

Key Takeaways

  • KuCoin offers up to 100x leverage for trading, beneficial for traders seeking higher returns.
  • Users can earn interest by lending their crypto holdings on KuCoin.
  • The platform includes automated trading bots and gamified options like KuCoin Win and KuCoin Brawl.
  • KuCoin supports over 700 cryptocurrencies and provides advanced charting tools for optimized trading strategies.
  • KuCoin charges a flat trading fee of 0.10% for both makers and takers, with additional discounts for KCS holders.

Introduction to KuCoin Crypto Exchange

KuCoin was started in 2017 and is based in Seychelles. It calls itself “the people’s exchange.” It’s among the top 10 exchanges for trading volume, according to CoinMarketCap. With a rating of 4.4, it’s popular with those who know a lot about crypto trading.

KuCoin has over 850 cryptocurrencies, perfect for those interested in altcoins. Coinbase, another big exchange, only lists over 240 cryptocurrencies. This makes KuCoin a go-to for a wide selection.

KuCoin’s trading fees are competitive, ranging from -0.005% to 0.10% per trade. This can save active traders a lot of money over time. Using KuCoin’s own token, KuCoin Token (KCS), can cut trading fees by an extra 20%.

KuCoin is available worldwide, serving over 200 countries. It accepts more than 50 currencies for deposits, making it accessible globally. “1 out of 4 crypto holders worldwide is with KuCoin,” showing its big presence in the crypto market.

But, KuCoin has faced some issues, like withdrawal delays and customer service problems. Some users have also talked about market manipulation. Also, KuCoin doesn’t have a U.S. license, which could be a problem for U.S. traders.

Security is a big deal after a 2020 hack that stole over $280 million in cryptocurrencies. KuCoin got back 84% of the stolen assets. But, this shows how important strong security is for crypto exchanges. The Chainalysis 2023 Crypto Crime report says crypto theft hit $3.7 billion in 2022, showing the need for careful trading.

Users can use KuCoin on desktop, Android, or iOS devices. This makes trading easy and flexible. The KuCoin Community has over 30 million users by 2024, welcoming traders worldwide. It’s seen as a place for early entry into new cryptocurrencies.

KuCoin is a full-featured platform for crypto fans. It offers a wide range of altcoins, good fees, and easy access from anywhere in the world.

KuCoin’s User Experience

KuCoin is known for being easy to use, making it great for both new and experienced traders. It has many helpful features and tools. This makes it a top choice for users at all levels.

Ease of Use

KuCoin is easy to use, thanks to its simple layout and low fees. It also offers a 20% discount on trades with its KCS token. This makes it professional yet easy for beginners.

Platform Interface

The KuCoin platform is made for all types of users. It has interactive charts and many trading tools, all easily found on the main dashboard. Users can customize their experience with different order types and market data.

Mobile App Hazards

The KuCoin mobile app is great for trading on the go. It’s simple for beginners to use and check market data. But, users need to watch out for security and authentication issues. Still, the app is praised for its easy use and features.

Feature Pros Cons
Ease of Use
  • Logical layout
  • 20% discount with KCS
  • Some features can be overwhelming for complete beginners
Platform Interface
  • Interactive charts
  • Multiple order types
  • Customizable dashboard
  • May be too intricate for casual users
Mobile App
  • Lightweight design
  • On-the-go trading
  • Potential network security issues
  • Authentication concerns

Security Features of KuCoin

KuCoin takes the safety of user assets and personal info very seriously. They have put in place many security steps. These steps help protect user accounts from threats.

KuCoin uses a multi-layer security system for accounts. They keep assets in different types of wallets. This way, if one wallet gets hacked, others stay safe.

One key feature is the 24/7 wallet address check. This system spots and warns about any odd activities. It also uses private key management and a secure computing setup for extra safety.

KuCoin uses 256-bit encryption to keep user accounts and data safe. This encryption is very secure, making it hard for hackers to get in.

The platform does regular checks on its code and security setup. These checks help keep KuCoin safe from threats. They also use secure coding from the start to lower the chance of bugs.

KuCoin does Merkle Tree Proof of Reserves (PoR) audits often. This makes sure users know their assets are safe. They also have a Bug Bounty Program that pays up to $1,000,000 for security tips. This helps find and fix problems fast.

KuCoin uses machine learning to make unique device fingerprints. This helps identify users better and lowers the chance of unauthorized access. With users from over 200 countries, KuCoin supports many languages, making it safe for everyone.

They use advanced encryption for storing, sending, and using data. This makes the system very secure. API-based risk control also boosts the security of the platform.

Last, KuCoin has 24/7 customer support. This lets users get help fast with their issues. With all these safety steps and security features, KuCoin is a reliable place for trading digital assets.

KuCoin Crypto Exchange Review: Trading Made Easy

KuCoin is a top cryptocurrency exchange that makes trading easy for everyone. It’s in the top 5 spot exchanges, according to CoinMarketCap. The exchange supports over 700 cryptocurrencies with 1200+ trading pairs and lets users trade in more than 50 fiat currencies.

Overview of the Platform

KuCoin is easy to use and has strong trading tools. It’s perfect for both new and experienced traders. With over 27 million users in 207 countries, it offers spot, margin, and derivatives trading. Plus, it has 24/7 support in many languages and 24 local communities worldwide.

Advanced Tools and Features

KuCoin stands out with its advanced trading tools. It has a unique trading bot with four strategies: Spot grid, DCA, Futures Grid, and Smart Rebalance. For margin trading, it has a detailed margin system with clear requirements. You can trade digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, SHIBA INU, Ripple, and Tron.

KuCoin Features Description
Trading Pairs 1200+
Crypto Support 700+ cryptocurrencies
Fiat Support 50+ currencies
Trading Strategies Spot grid, DCA, Futures Grid, Smart Rebalance
Global Reach 207 countries and regions

KuCoin Token (KCS) Benefits

KCS is KuCoin’s native token, offering many benefits. Holding KCS means lower trading fees and daily bonus rewards. You can also earn up to 20% commission from your friends’ trades by inviting them to KuCoin.

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Range of Cryptocurrencies Available on KuCoin

KuCoin stands out with its wide selection of cryptocurrencies for trading. It lists over 900 different cryptocurrencies. This means traders can pick from well-known coins like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) or try new altcoins.

Users can easily find the digital assets they need with KuCoin’s variety. This helps traders spread out their investments. Whether you’re into popular coins or new ones, KuCoin welcomes traders from all over the world.

Here’s a snapshot of KuCoin’s cryptocurrency variety:

Type of Investor Currencies Available
Casual traders Over 900 cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, LTC
Day traders Extensive altcoin listings for quick trades
Hodlers & position traders Top-tier coins with long-term growth potential
Leverage & derivatives traders Futures and margin trading with up to 100x leverage

KuCoin is available in over 180 countries, reaching a wide audience. But, it’s not available in the US, Singapore, mainland China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, and Ontario, Canada. Still, its vast selection of cryptocurrencies and altcoins attracts millions of users.

KuCoin is a great choice for both new and seasoned traders. It offers a place to trade mainstream and altcoins. The platform is easy to use, supporting your trading goals.

Trading Fees and Costs

Choosing a cryptocurrency exchange means looking at their fees. KuCoin stands out with its low trading fees. This makes it a top choice for many traders. Let’s dive into KuCoin’s trading fees and costs.

Maker/Taker Fee Structure

KuCoin uses a maker/taker model to boost liquidity. Makers pay fees from -0.005% to 0.1%, while takers pay from 0.02% to 0.1%. This system helps users save money with more trades. Plus, holding KuCoin Token (KCS) can cut trading fees, showing KuCoin’s value as a low-cost exchange.

Withdrawal Fees

Most deposits on KuCoin are free. But, withdrawal fees vary by cryptocurrency. For example, Bitcoin and Ethereum have different fees. Always check the fees before you withdraw to manage your money well.

Discounts on Fees

KuCoin offers ways to lower your fees. Holding KuCoin Token (KCS) gives trading fee discounts. You can get up to 60% off through promotions and trading more. This makes KuCoin’s fees very attractive for frequent traders.

Fee Type Range
Maker Fees -0.005% to 0.1%
Taker Fees 0.02% to 0.1%

In summary, KuCoin’s low fees, discounts, and clear fee structure draw in both new and experienced traders. They help in cutting costs and increasing profits.

KuCoin’s Staking and Lending Options

KuCoin is a top choice for making the most of your crypto assets. It offers a full crypto staking platform and cryptocurrency lending services. You can earn good yields on your crypto with KuCoin. The interest rates on KuCoin Earn are between 8% and 12%, showing great earning potential.

KuCoin’s staking product is flexible and easy to use. You can pick from different staking terms and get regular updates. The platform lists over 700 spot cryptocurrencies, including popular ones like ADA, HYDRA, and DOT. This means it suits various investment strategies and risk levels.

KuCoin also has cryptocurrency lending services for earning interest on your crypto. You can choose from 7-, 14-, and 28-day loan terms. This flexibility helps you meet your financial goals. The platform offers different Earn products, like Crypto Lending 2.0 and special promotions, for higher returns through fixed deposits.

KuCoin has a large user base, with 1 in 4 crypto holders using it. This large user base adds liquidity and boosts trading volume. It makes KuCoin a top choice for staking and lending. The platform’s ease of use and competitive interest rates make it ideal for earning passive income from your digital assets.

KuCoin Customer Support

KuCoin support has a mixed reputation among users. A big part, 29%, gave it just 1 star. About 53% gave the lowest rating possible. Only 5% gave it the top rating of 5 stars. This shows how important good customer service is to users.

The average rating is around 2.3 stars out of 5. This means some users like it, but many don’t. 18% gave it 2 stars, showing there’s room for better service.

Here is a breakdown of KuCoin’s customer review statistics:

Rating Percentage Observations
1 Star 29% Low satisfaction
2 Stars 18% Below average experience
3 Stars 4% Neutral
4 Stars 11% Above average
5 Stars 5% High satisfaction

Many negative reviews talk about problems with withdrawals and frozen assets. 8 out of 17 reviews were unhappy with KuCoin support. Only 1 review was very positive.

KuCoin has over 30 million users in more than 200 countries. Good customer service is key to keeping users happy and trusting. KuCoin promises 24/7 support in many languages, but many users don’t feel supported.

Completing Identity Verification can make using KuCoin better. It gives users access to more services and higher limits. This process includes verifying personal info and ID photos for a smoother experience.

In conclusion, KuCoin has a lot to offer, but its support needs work. Improving customer service is crucial for the platform’s success.

Opening a KuCoin Account

Opening a KuCoin account is easy, whether you’re new or experienced. Here’s how to start your KuCoin journey step by step.

Sign-Up Process

The first step is to sign up with KuCoin, which is simple. You just need an email or phone number. Visit the KuCoin website and click “Sign Up”.

Then, you’ll get a verification code via email or phone. Use this code to complete your registration. Finally, pick a strong password to keep your account safe. This makes setting up your easy crypto account straightforward.

Verification Steps

Verifying your account is key to using KuCoin fully. You’ll need to do KYC to increase your trading limits and access fiat trading. But, U.S. users have limits because KuCoin doesn’t have a U.S. license.

Still, verifying your account means sending in ID and proof of address. This makes sure you’re who you say you are and keeps your crypto safe.

Security Settings

KuCoin takes security seriously after past issues. It has many safety features to protect your assets and info. Once verified, turn on two-factor authentication (2FA), set a trading password, and use anti-phishing phrases.

These steps help keep your crypto trading safe from hackers and fraud.

To sum up:

KuCoin’s sign-up is easy, needing just an email or phone number. KYC is needed for more features, but U.S. users have limits. Use 2FA and anti-phishing to trade securely.

Here’s a detailed look at setting up a KuCoin account:

Step Description Benefits
Sign-Up Email or phone number registration Easy crypto account setup
Verification Submit identification documents Increased trading limits, access to fiat trading
Security Settings Activate 2FA, set trading password, apply anti-phishing phrase Enhanced security for secure crypto trading

Margin and Futures Trading on KuCoin

KuCoin offers great options for trading with leverage. It has margin accounts and crypto futures contracts. These options let traders increase their gains without the usual risks. They work by following the price changes of assets in the spot market and certain contracts.

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Imagine investing $1,000 in a 3x leveraged Bitcoin token. You could see a gain of about 60%, making it $1,600. This is because leveraged tokens use the market’s ups and downs well. They work best in markets that move in one direction with less volatility.

KuCoin margin accounts come in two types: Cross margin and Isolated margin. Cross margin offers up to 5x leverage, while Isolated margin can go up to 10x. This lets traders pick the risk level that fits their strategy. Plus, you don’t need a lot of collateral to trade on KuCoin, thanks to its smart risk management.

Also, KuCoin crypto futures contracts are a big deal. They support Quarterly Delivery Futures and Perpetual Futures. This means traders can bet on the future prices of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others.

KuCoin is unique because it has many trading tools and bots. It has more bots than Bybit, including Spot Grid, DCA, Futures Grid, and more. This lets traders automate their trading plans easily.

Here’s a look at how KuCoin compares with other exchanges:

Feature KuCoin Bybit Binance
Leverage (up to) 100x 100x 125x
Available Cryptocurrencies 700+ 500+ 600+
Average Daily Trading Volume $500M+ $10B+ $11B+
Number of Users 31M+ 20M+ 90M+
Futures Contracts Quarterly Delivery & Perpetual USDC Perpetual and Futures Quarterly & Perpetual

Both KuCoin margin accounts and futures trading are great for traders wanting to use leverage. They’re good for making quick profits or setting up for the long haul. KuCoin has many tools and features to support different trading plans.

KuCoin’s Special Features

KuCoin is a top choice for crypto exchanges thanks to its special features. These features make trading and earning easier for everyone. They show KuCoin’s dedication to offering a flexible platform for all crypto fans.

Crypto Lending and Borrowing

KuCoin’s KuCoin P2P lending service is a big hit. It lets users lend out digital assets and earn interest. This peer-to-peer system makes cryptocurrency loan services a great way to earn passive income.

The flexible lending options are why many choose it. It’s a safe and flexible way to grow your investments.

KuCoin’s Earn Section

The Earn section on KuCoin is full of ways to make passive income crypto. KuCoin Staking is a big part of this, offering up to 25% returns on 45 different cryptocurrencies. There are also various wealth management services to help users earn more from their crypto assets.

This approach makes earning rewards easy without the need to trade actively.

Spotlight and Burning Drop

KuCoin also has cool programs like Spotlight and the Burning Drop program. KuCoin new listings on Spotlight let users get in on early projects by staking tokens and getting new tokens back. The Burning Drop program rewards users with tokens from upcoming projects.

These programs bring excitement and potential profits for those wanting to lead in the crypto market.

Special Feature Benefits Risks Typical Return
KuCoin P2P Lending Earn interest by lending digital assets Potential default by borrowers Varies
KuCoin Staking Earn rewards from staking cryptocurrencies Asset devaluation 1% to 25%
Burning Drop Program Receive rewards from new projects Project failure High

Pros and Cons of Using KuCoin

KuCoin is a big name in the world of cryptocurrency trading, handling one in four transactions worldwide. It serves about 27 million users. The platform shines with its strengths, but it’s key to look at both the good and bad sides for a full view.


  • Low Fees: KuCoin has a maker/taker fee starting at 0.1%. You can cut fees by up to 20% with KuCoin’s own cryptocurrency, KCS.
  • Diverse Cryptocurrency Offerings: KuCoin lists over 820 cryptocurrencies and 1,290 trading pairs. It supports well-known coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.
  • Advanced Financial Derivatives: Users can trade futures and margin, showing KuCoin’s strong tools.
  • Security Features: KuCoin focuses on security with 2FA, hot and cold wallets, and regular security checks.
  • Staking and Lending Options: Earn passive income through “Pool-X” staking or lending cryptocurrencies to others.
  • Zero Monthly Fees: KuCoin doesn’t charge monthly fees, making it more attractive.


  • KuCoin Limitations for U.S. Users: U.S. accounts face limited trading and poor support due to no KYC checks, making it risky for scams or hacks.
  • Past Security Breaches: KuCoin has seen hacks in 2020 and 2023. Though it quickly paid back users, it raises doubts about safety.
  • Withdrawal Fees: KuCoin has different fees for withdrawals, based on the cryptocurrency and network, which can be a drawback.
  • Lack of Major Regulatory Licenses: KuCoin lacks major licenses in key crypto areas, which might question its legitimacy for some.

Despite past issues, KuCoin’s huge transaction volume over $3.6 trillion and its large user base show it’s still a top choice for many traders.

Comparing KuCoin to Other Crypto Exchanges

KuCoin stands out in the crypto trading world with its unique advantages and features. This section looks into a detailed exchange fee analysis, exchange security comparison, and how easy it is to use. We’ll see how KuCoin compares with other platforms.

Trading Fees Comparison

KuCoin is known for its competitive crypto fees. It offers trading fees as low as 0.1% for both Maker and Taker transactions. This is much lower than Coinbase, which starts at 0.50%. KuCoin also has withdrawal fees of about 0.1%, unlike Binance, which can go up to 3.50%. Here’s a closer look at the fees:

Exchange Maker Fee Taker Fee Withdrawal Fee
KuCoin 0.1% 0.1% 0.1%
Binance 0.1% 0.1% 3.50% or $10 (whichever is higher)
Coinbase 0.50% 0.50% Varies, typically high

Security Measures

Most crypto trading happens on centralized exchanges, making security a big concern. KuCoin, after a major security issue in September 2023, has taken strong steps. These include active monitoring, keeping assets in cold storage, and strict verification. But, it doesn’t offer deposit insurance like Coinbase, which might make users less confident. Binance is known for its strong security, including two-factor authentication and teaching users to avoid phishing attacks.

User Experience

Looking at exchange usability and comparing trading platforms, KuCoin shines with its easy-to-use interface. It offers a simple and efficient way to trade. Binance’s interface is more complex, especially with account levels, fees, and trading amounts. KuCoin suits all types of traders, from beginners to pros, with its design. It supports over 700 cryptocurrencies, way more than Coinbase’s 260, serving a wider range of users.

KuCoin’s Performance and Reputation

KuCoin has become a big name in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges. It lists over 800 cryptocurrencies and more than 400 markets, making it a diverse place to trade. About 1 in 4 global crypto traders choose KuCoin, showing its strong reputation.

The platform has grown fast, thanks to its funding. It started with $20 million in BTC from its ICO. Then, it raised $100 million in 2021 and $150 million in 2022. This funding made its value soar to $10 billion.

KuCoin stands out for its wide selection of altcoins. It supports over 50 fiat currencies, helping traders worldwide. The platform is easy to use, available in 19 languages.

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KuCoin’s fees are competitive, ranging from 0.00% to 0.08%. The KuCoin Token (KCS) offers trading fee dividends and discounts. Lending programs offer interest rates from 2.9% to 5.47%, attracting those looking for passive income.

Despite its strengths, KuCoin has faced U.S. regulatory issues. These led to a $1 billion outflow. Yet, it has bounced back, showing its strength and solid reputation.

Security is crucial for traders, and KuCoin has a strong record. It has not had any major security breaches or data leaks. This shows their commitment to keeping trading safe.

Here’s a quick look at KuCoin’s key stats:

Metric Details
Founded May 2017
Cryptocurrencies Listed 800+
Trading Pairs 1309
Supported Fiat Currencies 50+
Languages Supported 19
Funding Raised $270 million
Valuation $10 billion
Users 30 million+
Annualized Lending Interest Rates 2.9%-5.47%
Trading Fee 0.1%

KuCoin is a top choice for many traders, thanks to its KuCoin trading volume and significant investment. Its focus on offering a wide range of assets and a user-friendly experience boosts its brand reputation in the crypto world.

Who Should Use KuCoin?

KuCoin is great for many traders, from beginners to experts. It offers a lot of options and is easy to use. This makes it a top choice for different types of traders.

Best for Beginners

KuCoin is perfect for those new to crypto. Its mobile app makes trading easy and simple. It doesn’t overwhelm you with too many options.

It has user-friendly interfaces and basic trading options. This helps beginners learn fast.

Advanced Traders

For those who know their way around crypto, KuCoin has a lot to offer. It has advanced trading features like margin trading and futures contracts. These are great for experienced traders looking for more.

With over 850 cryptocurrencies and TradingView for charting, KuCoin is perfect for deep market analysis. It’s a great place for executing complex strategies.

International Users

KuCoin is open to users worldwide, covering over 180 countries. It’s a great choice for traders outside the U.S. since it’s not licensed there. This broad reach means more trading opportunities and a global community.

Group Key Features Advantages
Beginners User-friendly interface, simplified mobile app Easy entry into crypto trading
Advanced Traders Advanced trading features, professional crypto tools Enhanced trading strategies and market analysis
International Users Global cryptocurrency trading, KuCoin international access Diverse trading opportunities and global engagement


In this summary, we looked at what makes KuCoin stand out in the crypto market. It offers over 900 cryptocurrencies and features like margin and futures trading. This makes it great for both new and seasoned traders.

The fees start at 0.1% for all trades, and you get more discounts if you hold KuCoin Token (KCS). This makes trading here very attractive for many users.

KuCoin takes security very seriously. It uses strong security steps like 2FA, anti-phishing codes, and yearly Proof of Reserves checks. After a 2020 hack, they paid back $280 million to all affected users. This shows their strong commitment to keeping users safe.

They also have a trading bot feature and many ways for the community to connect. These tools help traders make the most of market chances and stay in touch.

But, KuCoin doesn’t operate in the U.S. and isn’t licensed by big financial bodies. This might make some people less trusting of it. Still, with its wide range of services, global reach in over 180 countries, and strong focus on safety and community, KuCoin is a strong choice for those wanting to trade crypto safely and efficiently.


What are the user reviews of KuCoin?

KuCoin is known for its low fees, a wide range of cryptocurrencies, and great rewards for users. But, U.S. users might find it hard to use because of strict verification rules.

How user-friendly is KuCoin’s interface?

KuCoin has an easy-to-use interface for both new and experienced traders. The mobile app is especially helpful for beginners in the world of cryptocurrency.

What security features does KuCoin offer?

KuCoin uses identity checks, trading passwords, and anti-phishing words for security. They work with Onchain Custodian and Lockton for extra safety. But, U.S. users might face some security issues because of the lack of full account verification.

How does KuCoin support advanced trading tools?

KuCoin has tools like margin trading, lending, staking, and futures for advanced traders. These options are for those who want more complex trading features.

What are the benefits of using KuCoin’s native token, KCS?

Using KuCoin’s KCS token can lower your trading fees and make you eligible for daily rewards. This makes trading on KuCoin more affordable.

What cryptocurrencies are available on KuCoin?

KuCoin has over 700 cryptocurrencies, offering something for every investor. This includes popular coins and less common ones.

What is the fee structure on KuCoin?

KuCoin uses a maker/taker fee system, with lower fees for bigger trades. Using KCS can also cut your fees. Withdrawal fees depend on the cryptocurrency.

How does KuCoin support staking and lending?

KuCoin’s Earn platform lets users earn money through staking and lending their cryptocurrencies.

How responsive is KuCoin’s customer support?

KuCoin’s support is good, helping to build a strong reputation. Their growing number of users shows they’re doing something right.

What is the process for opening a KuCoin account?

Signing up for KuCoin is easy, needing just an email or phone number and a password. But, U.S. users might need more verification steps.

How does margin and futures trading work on KuCoin?

KuCoin offers margin trading and futures for traders wanting to use leverage. U.S. traders should know the risks involved.

What are KuCoin’s special features?

KuCoin has unique features like crypto lending and staking through KuCoin Earn. They also have programs like Spotlight and Burning Drop for new projects and rewards.

What are the pros and cons of using KuCoin?

Pros include low fees, a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, and tools for traders. Cons include risks for U.S. users and past security issues.

How does KuCoin compare to other crypto exchanges?

KuCoin is known for its low fees and many features. Yet, other exchanges might offer better security, like deposit insurance, which can make users feel safer.

What is KuCoin’s performance and reputation in the market?

KuCoin is a top 10 exchange by trading volume and is committed to security after past hacks. But, the lack of deposit insurance and past security problems are concerns.

Who should consider using KuCoin?

KuCoin suits beginners with its easy mobile app and advanced traders with its tools. But, U.S. users might want to look at other exchanges with verified accounts.
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