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MEXC Crypto Exchange Review: Top Features & Insights

MEXC Crypto Exchange Review: Top Features & Insights

This review explores MEXC Global, a fast-growing crypto trading platform. Since its launch in 2018, it has become known for its wide range of features. These are designed for both new and seasoned traders. It supports spot and futures trading, fitting many trading styles.

MEXC Global is known for its large selection of cryptocurrencies, including new tokens. This gives traders many options to grow their portfolios. The platform is secure, thanks to its advanced security measures. It’s also easy to use and supports many languages, making it accessible to traders around the world.

Features like futures demo trading, copy-trading tools, and leveraged ETF listings make it stand out. But, it’s important to note some downsides, like limited fiat withdrawals and no NFT support. Still, MEXC’s focus on low fees and a full trading experience makes it a top choice.

Key Takeaways

  • MEXC Global is a widely-regarded crypto trading exchange with a substantial and growing user base.
  • The platform supports both spot and futures trading, offering a versatile trading experience.
  • Innovative features like futures demo trading and copy-trading tools are available.
  • MEXC is known for its low fees, making trading cost-effective.
  • The exchange provides multilingual support, catering to a broad geographical audience.
  • Key cons include limited fiat withdrawals and no NFT support.

Introduction to MEXC Crypto Exchange

MEXC is a key player in the crypto market. It stands out as an all-rounder trading platform. It offers spot, futures, and ETF trading, making it a go-to for many traders.

It’s known for listing new coins often and having a user-friendly interface. This makes it easy for both new and experienced traders to use.

What Sets MEXC Apart

The MEXC exchange features include a high trading volume of USD 1.47 billion as of January 23, 2023. This makes it the 9th biggest exchange for spot trading. It supports over 1,520 coins and 2,110 trading pairs, giving traders many options.

It also offers staking services with flexible options. Users can stake BTC or TRX, earning an APY of 0.28% or 4.00% respectively. This appeals to both cautious and adventurous investors.

History and Background

MEXC was founded in April 2018 in Seychelles. It quickly became a major player in the global crypto market. It’s one of the top 100 exchanges worldwide, with over 10 million users.

The platform is available in over 170 countries. It holds licenses in places like Switzerland, Canada, Australia, and the United States. This ensures it reaches traders all over the world.

Target Audience

MEXC aims to serve all types of traders, from beginners to experts. It offers easy payment options like wire transfers and debit cards for new investors. For professionals, it has advanced trading features like margin trading and futures trading.

The exchange also values community and education through its affiliate program. This program helps users earn commission, building a loyal community. MEXC’s platform is designed to meet the needs of all traders in the blockchain world.

User Interface and Experience

The MEXC user experience is all about making things easy and efficient for traders and investors. The platform’s design is simple and intuitive. It puts everything you need right at your fingertips. This makes it easy to manage your portfolio and trade with ease.

Website Layout and Design

MEXC’s website has a clean and organized design that focuses on usability. It offers real-time market data, helping users make quick decisions. With over 2,289 crypto assets and more than 2,729 trading pairs, the site handles a lot of information without overwhelming you.

Features like trading charts and order types are easy to find. This makes the MEXC user experience even better.

Mobile App Functionality

The MEXC mobile app works just like the website, available for iOS and Android. It has a solid 3.7 rating on the App Store and 3.8 on the Play Store. This shows it’s reliable and easy to use.

The app lets you trade, deposit, and withdraw funds easily, even when you’re on the go. It keeps you updated with real-time market movements and gives you quick access to your account.

Here’s a look at some key features:

Feature MEXC Website MEXC Mobile App
Real-time Market Data Available Available
Number of Supported Cryptocurrencies 2,289 2,050
Trading Pairs 2,729 2,050
User Ratings N/A 3.7 (App Store), 3.8 (Play Store)

Both the website and the mobile app offer a strong trading experience. They make sure you have everything you need, whether you’re at your desk or on the move. The mobile app matches the website’s full functionality, ensuring a smooth experience across devices. This enhances user experience and accessibility.

Spot and Futures Trading Features

MEXC offers a wide range of trading features for both new and experienced traders. It supports both MEXC spot trading and MEXC futures trading. This makes it a great choice for different trading strategies.

Spot Trading

For MEXC spot trading, users get competitive fees and an easy-to-use interface. Key features include:

  • Low Fees: Spot trading has 0% maker fees and 0.1% taker fees. Users can get up to a 100% trading fee discount with 1,000 MX tokens for 15 days.
  • Broad Asset Support: There are over 2,300 assets and 2,800 trading pairs available. This gives users many options for diversifying their portfolios.
  • High Liquidity: MEXC’s spot trading uses a powerful engine that can handle up to 1.4 million transactions per second. This ensures quick and smooth trades.

Futures Trading

MEXC futures trading is also top-notch, offering advanced features for traders looking for more leverage and complex options:

  • Leverage and Fees: Traders can use up to 200x leverage, making it suitable for high-risk strategies. Fees are low, with 0% for makers and 0.01% for takers. Using MX tokens can reduce fees by 10%.
  • Advanced Tools: The platform has tools like trailing stop orders, trigger orders, and post-only orders. These help manage risks and increase profits.
  • Funding Rates: The funding rate is 0.01% every eight hours, which could be $3 daily. This makes continuous trading affordable.
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Leveraged ETF Listings

MEXC also offers leveraged ETF listings. This allows traders to increase their exposure without managing collateral or margin levels. It’s a simple way to benefit from market movements with the asset’s performance multiplied.

Feature Details
Spot Trading Fees 0% maker, 0.1% taker
Futures Trading Fees 0% maker, 0.01% taker
Leverage on Futures Up to 200x
Supported Assets in Spot Trading 2300+ assets
Number of Trading Pairs 2800+
Funding Rate for Futures 0.01% every 8 hours
Discounts with MX Tokens 100% (spot trading), 10% (futures trading)
Daily Trading Volume Over $800 million

MEXC’s wide range of trading features, low fees, and high-performance engine make trading smooth for users in over 170 countries.

Beginner-Friendly Tools

MEXC makes trading easy for new users. They offer tools that simplify the trading world. These tools help beginners build a strong trading base.

Futures Demo Trading

The futures demo trading is a key feature. It lets users trade with fake money in a safe space. The platform can handle 1.4 million transactions per second, making it feel like real trading.

This is great for beginners who want to try trading without losing real money.

Copy-Trading Capabilities

Copy-trading is another big help for new traders. It lets users copy the trades of experts. This makes learning about trading strategies and market trends easier.

With over 10 million users in 170+ countries, there’s a lot to learn from. Copy-trading is like having a mentor while you trade.

Together, demo trading and copy-trading make MEXC a great place for new traders. These tools help build confidence and skills in trading cryptocurrencies.

Supported Cryptocurrencies and New Listings

MEXC exchange stands out with its wide support for many cryptocurrencies. It supports over 1850 cryptocurrency assets, while Binance supports more than 500. This variety lets traders and investors easily access a wide range of digital assets.

Variety of Supported Cryptos

MEXC has a vast selection of cryptocurrencies, including well-known ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It also supports many emerging cryptocurrencies. The platform is easy to use and allows trading without KYC verification for daily transactions under 30 BTC. This makes managing investments easy and hassle-free.

Proactive Listing of New Coins

MEXC quickly adds new and emerging cryptocurrencies, offering early investment chances in promising assets. This shows MEXC’s commitment to keeping up with market trends. It also has low fees, with zero deposit fees for most cryptocurrencies and low trading costs. This makes it a competitive choice compared to Binance.

Feature MEXC Binance
Number of Supported Cryptocurrencies Over 1850 Over 500
Mandatory KYC Process No (Up to 30 BTC daily) Yes
Spot Trading Fees (Makers/Takers) 0.000% 0.1000%
Futures Trading Fees (Makers/Takers) 0.000% / 0.020% Tiered Fee Structure
Deposit Fees for Cryptocurrencies Zero Zero
Maximum Leverage Up to 200x Up to 125x

MEXC is always adding new cryptocurrency listings and focusing on emerging ones. This makes it a strong and lively trading place for both new and experienced traders. If you want to grow your portfolio with new assets or explore less popular coins, MEXC offers many opportunities.

Fees and Charges

Trading on MEXC Global comes with a competitive fee structure. This makes managing MEXC fees and commissions key for traders. It helps them get the most out of their investments and trade more affordably.

Trading Fees

MEXC is known for its low trading fees. For spot trading, there are no fees for making orders and a small 0.1% fee for taking orders. This setup aims to boost trading volume and improve the exchange’s liquidity.

For futures trading, MEXC offers even better deals. Traders pay no fees for making orders and just 0.01% for taking orders. These low fees draw in both new and seasoned traders.

Traders with at least 1,000 MX tokens for 15 days get a 100% fee discount. This means no fees for making or taking orders. Plus, using MX deduction for perpetual futures trading cuts fees by another 10%. This results in a 0.009% taker fee.

Withdrawal and Deposit Fees

MEXC values transparency, especially with withdrawal and deposit fees. Depositing money is free, letting traders add funds without extra costs. Withdrawal fees depend on the cryptocurrency, making costs clear for users.

For those thinking of using MEXC for trading, knowing about MEXC fees and commissions is key. The platform’s low and clear fees make it attractive to both new and experienced traders.

MEXC Security Measures

MEXC Exchange takes protecting its users’ assets very seriously. It uses strong security steps. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and cold storage are key to keeping accounts and funds safe.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

The platform uses Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for top security. This means users must show a second ID, like a code on their phone, besides their password. This makes it much harder for hackers to get into accounts, making trading safer.

Cold Storage Solutions

MEXC also focuses on how it stores digital assets. Most user funds are kept in cold storage. This means they’re not online, so they can’t be hacked. Cold storage is a top way to keep funds safe, even when not being used.

Security Measure Details
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Requires a second form of identification for account access
Cold Storage Offline storage of the majority of user funds to prevent hacking
Multi-Signature Wallets Additional layer of security for transaction authorization
Regulatory Compliance Includes KYC and AML procedures to ensure a safe trading environment

MEXC Crypto Exchange Review Key Highlights

MEXC stands out in the crypto world with many strong features. It’s in the top 10 crypto exchanges, showing its trustworthiness and popularity. The platform sees over $800 million in daily trading and supports more than 2300 assets with 2800 trading pairs. This gives a wide range of trading options for its users, who number over 10 million across 170 countries.

MEXC has quickly become a major player, capturing 5% of the global crypto market in just a year. It offers various trading options, including spot trading and futures trading with up to 200x leverage. Beginners and experienced traders alike can enjoy its easy-to-use interface and innovative tools, like copy-trading and a futures demo trading portal.

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One of MEXC’s big advantages is its low fees. In the spot market, there’s no fee for makers and a 0.1% fee for takers. Futures trading has a 0% maker fee and a 0.01% taker fee. These low fees make MEXC a budget-friendly choice for traders. The platform can handle 1.4 million transactions per second, ensuring fast and efficient trades.

MEXC is also known for its strong security. It uses cold storage and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to protect users. These efforts have earned it the “Best Crypto Exchange Asia” award at the Dubai Crypto Expo in 2021. The exchange also offers up to 100% APY on certain assets, attracting those looking to earn from their crypto.

Key Comparative Insights:

Feature MEXC Bybit
Supported Cryptocurrencies 2300+ 890+
Trading Pairs 2800+ 1000+
Spot Trading Fees 0% maker, 0.1% taker 0.1% both makers and takers
Futures Trading Fees 0% maker, 0.01% taker 0.02% maker, 0.055% taker
Fiat Currency Support 23 currencies 50+ currencies

But, MEXC has some limits too. It doesn’t serve some countries like North Korea, Cuba, the United States, and Canada, and fiat withdrawals are limited. NFT fans might miss the lack of NFT support. Still, MEXC’s many strengths make it a top choice for crypto users worldwide.

Customer Support

MEXC is dedicated to offering excellent customer support to its large user base. They focus on being available and providing quality help. With users in over 170 countries, MEXC makes sure help is always easy to get.

Availability and Channels

MEXC’s customer support is always there, using many ways to help users. The main ways to get help are:

  • 24/7 live chat
  • Email support
  • Social media platforms

This makes sure users can get help fast and easily, no matter where they are or what time it is.

Response Time and Quality

MEXC’s support team is quick to respond, usually within a few hours. They are known for being knowledgeable and focused on solving problems. They work with a high level of professionalism and efficiency.

Review Rating Percentage
5-star reviews 5%
4-star reviews 2%
3-star reviews <1%
2-star reviews 4%
1-star reviews 89%

Even though some reviews show room for improvement, MEXC keeps working to make its support better. They aim for higher satisfaction among their over ten million users.

Educational Resources

MEXC’s services focus on improving trading skills through education. They offer many educational tools for both new and experienced traders.

Tutorials and Guides

MEXC has a huge library of tutorials and guides. These cover important topics like how the platform works, analyzing the market, and trading strategies. They aim to make crypto trading easier to understand, helping users make better choices.

These guides are designed for different levels of experience. This way, everyone can find something useful and learn from the insights shared.

Webinars and Events

MEXC also hosts live webinars and events to add to their educational offerings. These sessions provide up-to-date information on market trends, managing risks, and the latest in the industry. Users can talk directly with experts, ask questions, and learn more about trading cryptocurrencies.

These events are updated often, so the information is always fresh and relevant.

Feature Description Benefit
Tutorials In-depth written and video guides on trading concepts Helps traders understand foundational and advanced trading topics
Webinars Live sessions featuring expert speakers discussing market trends and strategies Provides real-time market insights and interactive learning opportunities
Guides Step-by-step instructions on platform use and trade execution Empowers users with clear instructions, improving their trading efficiency
Events Scheduled events with industry leaders and seasoned traders Offers networking opportunities and exposure to advanced trading strategies

With these tools, traders can grow their knowledge, improve their skills, and feel more confident in the crypto market. Whether it’s through detailed tutorials or lively webinars, MEXC makes sure users have access to the best educational content for their trading journey.

MEXC Community and Social Presence

At MEXC, connecting with the community is key. They have an active social media presence and many community-building projects. This keeps the user base thriving and excited.

Social Media Engagement

MEXC is active on many social media platforms. This helps keep users in the loop and involved. The MEXC Global Twitter account has over 400,000 followers. This shows a big community presence. Here are some engagement numbers:

Platform Followers/Users
Twitter (@MEXC_Global) 400,000+
Facebook 150,000+
Telegram 210,000+

Community Initiatives

MEXC has many ways to engage and reward its users. This builds loyalty and excitement. Here are some of these efforts:

  • Trading Competitions: Regular contests with great prizes.
  • Referral Programs: Rewards for inviting new users.
  • MEXC Global Launchpad: Supporting top blockchain projects through ICOs and IDOs.

With its social media and community projects, MEXC keeps its global community strong and active. This supports its goal of creating a welcoming and dynamic space for crypto fans.

Pros and Cons of Using MEXC

Using the MEXC crypto exchange has its upsides. It offers over 1,100 cryptocurrencies, giving traders a wide range of options. This makes it a top choice for those looking to diversify their investments.

The platform’s user-friendly interface is easy to navigate, even for beginners. It also has low trading fees, sometimes even 0%, which is great for active traders. Plus, its matching engine can process up to 100,000 transactions per second, making trades fast and efficient.

The MX token rewards system adds value for regular users in the MX zone. Security is a big deal here, with a top-notch HD cold-wallet system to protect assets. Plus, 24/7 customer support in over 10 languages means traders can get help anytime they need it.

However, MEXC isn’t perfect. It has limited fiat support, which might be a problem for some users. Some features might be too complex for new traders, requiring more learning. Also, MEXC is not open to US users, which limits its reach in a big market.

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Here’s a look at the good and bad sides of MEXC:

Advantages Limitations
Wide selection of over 1,100 cryptocurrencies Restricted fiat support
Extensive 1,100 trading pairs Complex features for beginners
Low trading fees with 0% periods Not available for US users
Strong security protocols Varied customer support experience
24/7 dedicated customer support Issues with withdrawals and account freezes reported

Choosing MEXC means balancing its strong points with its weak areas. It has a lot to offer, but some things could be better. Still, for many crypto traders, MEXC is a solid choice.

How to Sign Up and Get Started

Starting with MEXC is easy and made for new users. It welcomes you to the exciting world of cryptocurrency trading. Here’s how to make your MEXC account and start trading.

  1. Visit the MEXC Exchange Website: Go to the MEXC website and click “Sign Up”.
  2. Enter Personal Details: Fill in your email and create a strong password. Use a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols for better security.
  3. Email Verification: MEXC will send a link to your email. Click it to verify your account.
  4. Complete KYC Details: For more security, do the KYC process. Upload your ID and wait for verification.
  5. Bind Phone to Google Authenticator: Link your phone to Google Authenticator for extra security. This keeps your account safe from others.
  6. Deposit Funds:
    • Credit or Debit Card: Your funds will be ready in about 30 minutes.
    • P2P/OTC Trading: You need to pass KYC and share your bank details.
    • Crypto Deposit: Deposit crypto from any wallet or exchange using blockchain.

After signing up with MEXC, you get access to many trading services. You can explore spot trading with no maker fees or futures trading with a 0.01% taker fee. MEXC’s fast trading engine handles 1.4 million transactions per second, making trading smooth.

Here are some important facts:

Feature Details
Daily Trading Volume Over $800 million
Global User Base Over 10 million users in more than 170 countries
Assets and Trading Pairs Over 2300 assets and 2800 trading pairs
Signup Benefit 20% Trading Fee Discount

By following these easy steps, you can quickly and safely join a platform that holds 5% of the global crypto market. Enjoy trading!


As we conclude our review of MEXC, it’s clear this trading platform is great for both new and seasoned traders. It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including big names like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as many altcoins. This makes MEXC a top choice for a varied trading community.

The platform is easy to use, thanks to its simple design. It’s perfect for traders at all levels. Security is a big plus, with strong measures like two-factor authentication and cold storage to protect assets and data. Plus, the $MX token lets users take part in making decisions and get extra benefits.

But, there are some areas where MEXC could do better. Some users have faced issues like account freezes and fund problems, which need to be looked into. Also, the flat fee structure of 0.20% for all trades is good, but not having different fees based on trade volume might not suit high-volume traders.

In summary, MEXC is a strong trading platform known for its wide crypto selection, solid security, and good fees. Even with some areas to work on, its main strengths make it a great option for those in the crypto market. By listening to users and keeping up with market changes, MEXC stays a key player in the crypto exchange world. It offers a platform that’s flexible and focused on the user.


What sets MEXC apart from other crypto exchanges?

MEXC is unique because it offers both spot and futures trading. It’s known for listing new and emerging cryptocurrencies early. Traders can also use futures demo trading and copy-trading for beginners.

How user-friendly is the MEXC trading platform?

MEXC is easy to use. Its website has a simple layout. The mobile app works just like the website, letting users trade anywhere.

What are the trading fees and commissions on MEXC?

MEXC has trading fees of 0.2% for all trades. Users with MX tokens might get fee discounts. Deposits are free, but withdrawal fees depend on the cryptocurrency.

How does MEXC ensure the security of user funds?

MEXC keeps user funds safe with strong security steps. It uses Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and stores most assets in cold storage. This greatly lowers the risk of hacking.

What cryptocurrencies are supported on MEXC?

MEXC supports many cryptocurrencies, from popular to niche ones. It lists new coins early, offering chances to invest in potential winners.

What customer support options does MEXC provide?

MEXC has 24/7 support through live chat, email, and social media. The team is quick to respond and helps with detailed solutions.

What educational resources are available on MEXC?

MEXC has a lot of educational stuff, like tutorials, guides, webinars, and events. It helps users learn about trading, the platform, and market strategies at all levels.

What are the pros and cons of using MEXC?

Good things about MEXC include lots of cryptocurrencies, easy use, good fees, strong security, and new coin listings. But, it doesn’t support fiat currency well and has some complex features for beginners.

How can I sign up for MEXC?

Signing up for MEXC is easy. The process includes making an account, verifying it, and setting it up. You can start trading and checking out the platform quickly.
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